How to Resolve "Memory Card Error" From Canon IXUS 130

How to Resolve "Memory Card Error" From Canon IXUS 130

Canon IXUS 130 is a complex digital camera that has a resolution of 14.1 megapixels. The camera is inbuilt with almost all progressive features, including fully wide-angle 4x speed lens and motion blur technology. The IXUS camera is compatible with SDHC (obtain Digital High Capacity) and SDXC (obtain Digital Extreme Capacity) cards, with storage capacity as high as 2TB.

Since the storage memory of the cards is huge, data loss from these cards is simultaneously huge. One of the main reasons for data loss from cards is corruption of these cards. In most situations, you receive an error message after your card gets corrupted. However, an updated backup allows you to conquer card corruption. It allows you to restore data. But in case of unavailability of backup, you can use recovery software to retrieve data from a corrupted card.

As a functional case, you view the below error message on Canon IXUS 130 while attempting to view some before stored photos on your SDHC card:

“Memory Card Error”

Every single photo saved in the memory card becomes far away after the above error message appears. In addition, no more photo can be saved on card. In short, the card can not be read or written upon.


The above error message that makes all the photos far away is chiefly caused due to corruption of card. Few reasons that are accountable for the above error message are virus infection, interrupted read/write operation, and human errors.


The resolution for the above error message is formatting of memory card in the camera itself. the time of action deletes all the before saved data and allows you to save new data. While formatting proves a good resolution for users who do not require the old data, it becomes fatal for users, like photographers, detective agents, etc, who save basic data in their memory card. However, recovering formatted data now-a-days is an easy course of action. To do so, you need to use an progressive third-party Photo Recovery Software. A Image Recovery tool is freely obtainable on the Internet by just one single click.

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