How to Use the GAMMAINV Function in Microsoft Excel

How to Use the GAMMAINV Function in Microsoft Excel

Excel is the spreadsheet application which has been distributed and written by the Microsoft for Mac OS x and Windows. With the application, you can compute, make graphs, tables, etc. This features macro programming language in addition which is known as the Visual Basic for the application, or VBA. It’s also one of the widely used spreadsheet application, since version 5 in the year 1993. The present versions of Excel are MS Office Excel 2010 f for Microsoft Windows and for Mac 2008. Since then, there are lots of interesting and useful features that comes with the application.

GAMMAINV Function Description

GAMMAINV Function returns the inverse of gamma cumulative distributions. When p = GAMMADIST (x…), then the GAMMAINV (p…) =x.

You can use function to study the variables whose dispensing can be skewed.

GAMMAINV Function Syntax:

= GAMMAINV (probability, alpha, beta)


• Probability – is probability connected with gamma dispensing

• Alpha – is parameter to dispensing

• Beta – is parameter to dispensing

When beta is equals to one, GAMMAINV return to the standard gamma dispensing.


• When the argument is text, the GAMMAINV return to #VALUE! Error value

• When probability one, GAMMAINV return to #NUM! Error value

• If the alpha ≤ zero or when beta ≤ zero, GAMMAINV return to #NUM! Error value

• Given the value for probability, the GAMMAINV looks that the value x like that GAMMADIST (x, alpha, beta, True) = probability. Hence, precisions of GAMMAINV vary in the accuracyn of the GRAMMADIST. The GAMMAINV function uses iterative techniques. When the search hasn’t converged after one hundred iterations, the function return to #N/A! Error value.

How to Use GAMMAINV Function?

Excel is such a powerful tool that you can use to calculate stat information using its roles. This can probably offer any stat output that you need. for example, to acquire an inverse function of the statistical dispensing as this connected to gamma, and then you can use the GAMMAINV function in Excel.


• Begin with opening the MS Excel program, then start. Choose Program and choose Microsoft Office, then opt for Excel.

• Look for excel file that you like to use in the GAMMAINV function. Choose File options then Open the file menu, locate excel spreadsheet file you like to apply.

• Opt for blank spreadsheet cell to put GAMMAINV function. The cell must be comfortably located in the spreadsheet or when the spreadsheet has large amount of data.

• Hit on Insert function button at the top of the he column header in spreadsheet.

• kind GAMMAINV in search function, click GAMMAINV function to run the function

• Input the probability, alpha, and beta of given information in the spreadsheet, when you don’t understand the use of these inputs; you would need to read GAMMAINV function details.

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