HTC Touch Pro2 Review – Features and Design of the HTC Touch Pro 2

HTC Touch Pro2 Review – Features and Design of the HTC Touch Pro 2

There are large ranges of mobile phones in the market that cater the different needs of the users. There are some phones that press on camera, others on connectivity features while some lays emphasis on looks. But the remarkable characterize of the HTC Touch Pro 2 is its excellent communication features that are achieved with its incomparable audio quality.

Offering Excellent Communication

in any case reason we might buy a mobile phone for, but the fact remains that its basic and the most needed requirement is for communication. The mobiles are first and foremost used as a tool of communicating and the HTC understanding this fact has launched its Touch pro2 which has many features that enhance the communication activity in it.

Straight Talk Technology

The new technology called Straight Talk is launched by HTC in its Touch Pro 2 form. The technology gives the wholesome new experience by delivering an integrated mails and improvement speakerphone and voice experience. The audio quality of the speakerphone is excellent and can be equaled with that of the speakerphones in actual boardrooms and conference halls.

The phone has 2 speakers that ease to clarify the sound in a room that has many people. The speakers also have tweeter and woofer for improved clarity in sound. The sound quality of the phone is further enhanced with chip inside the phone that helps in eliminating the noise in the background so that the sound delivered at the other end is clear and sharp.

The Touch Pro2 also has characterize that facilitates the easy operation of the speakerphones. If the phone is placed with confront down on a table it automatically goes in to the speaker mode. This characterize is extremely helpful during conference calls when you want to connect the phone to many people without hanging it up. consequently you can create any place into a conference room with your HTC Touch Pro2.

Other Interesting Features

Beside the Straight talk characterize the phone has other features in addition that makes it a good choice. It has 3.6 inches of tilt able TFT LCD screen that is equipped with Touch FLO 3D technology that makes the interface highly intuitive and affective. There is also a 5 row QWERTY keyboard which can easily slide out and used. The 3.2 Mega Pixel of the camera along with the auto focus features gives good quality pictures that can be cherished forever. The phone supports the large variety of audio formats that includes MP3, AAC, and AAC+, QCP, WMA, WMV and many others. You can also enjoy your favorite radio show as it also has FM.

The various video formats supported by phone include WMV, 3GP, M4V, AVI and others. The connectivity features of the phone are good and supports Bluetooth 2.0 version with Enhanced Data Rate. It also enables the wi-fi characterize for better and easy connectivity. The phone has push internet technology that helps to access the pages on internet easily and with fast speed. The phone has good battery life and talk time.

consequently the HTC Touch Pro2 can be termed as a third generation smart phone with excellent communication features.

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