In California, Criminal Attorneys Utilize Several Resources to Bolster…

In California, Criminal Attorneys Utilize Several Resources to Bolster…

Over the last ten years, it seems that the crime rate has gotten considerably lower in California. Criminal attorneys based in the state, however, never take it easy when working on a client’s case. As legal counsel for the individuals accused of crimes, defense lawyers are duty bound to do all they can to protect the rights of their clients.

According to the Office of the Attorney General in the state of California, 185,233 violent crimes and 650,653 character crimes were committed statewide in 2008. Of those numbers, 80,555 violent crimes and 104,663 character crimes were cleared of their charges. Whenever a net is cast, it cannot be helped that a few small, innocent fish will get caught with the intended catch. These fish need to be set free. In California, criminal attorneys play a crucial role in weeding out the wrongfully accused from those who deserve to be behind bars, lowering the number of falsely convicted in the state.

Always acting on the assumption that their client is innocent until proven guilty, they gather all the information needed to uncover the truth behind the crime. A defense lawyer may direct outside investigators to use state of the art databases to uncover decisive information and evidence that can sustain their client’s defense. They may also use such equipment as polygraphs and forensic testing apparatus. Criminal defense lawyers may already negotiate with prosecutors to help unprotected to possible outcome for the defendant’s case.

Should an individual get arrested on the suspicion of committing a crime, he or she is lawfully entitled to request the assistance of a competent defense attorney.

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