Inspiration – The Cure For What Ails Us

Inspiration – The Cure For What Ails Us

Here we are! The economy is in a huge mess; banking crumbling, healthcare in turmoil, education a joke, and just about everywhere one can look, the old structures and the established ways of doing things are failing apart right before our eyes. Thats just the big picture. What about your individual life? Where are you right now and where would you like to be?

The very act of desiring something new begins the time of action of transforming a life, an organization, a nation or a planet. We have desired plenty, for sure. We desire wealth; complete and perfect health, new avenues of income, new modes of energy and transportation, education that works, happy people, clean ecosystem, ad infinitum. There is certainly no shortage of powerful asking.

When we pray, we are asking. We are asking for protection, money, health, ideas, guidance, etc. In a sense we are transmitting, sending our message out to the Universe, to God, or to whomever might be listening.

If you have ever seen a CB radio operator, he or she sends the message, then says, Over. At that point he/she clicks the handset and changes internal arrangement from sending to receiving by adopting a listening position within. In that internal posture, they are allowing the other to send so that they can receive.

In the same way, when we have asked or desired something new, we have sent our message out to the Big U. It has received our asking. Our next step is to click the receive button internally, shifting ourselves to reception mode, and allow the Big U to deliver to us the answer to our prayer or asking. It is received in inspiration.

By definition according to the Miriam Webster Dictionary, inspiration is:
1) a: a divine influence or action on a person believed to qualify him or her to receive and communicate holy revelation
b: the action or strength of moving the intellect or emotions
c: the act of influencing or suggesting opinions
2) the act of drawing in ; specifically : the drawing of air into the lungs
3) a: the quality or state of being inspired
b: something that is inspired inspiration
4) an inspiring agent or influence

Now lets look at the etymology of the information itself, inspiration:

c.1303, immediate influence of God or a god, especially that under which the holy books were written, from O.Fr. inspiration, from L.L. inspirationem (nom. inspiratio), from L. inspiratus, pp. of inspirare inspire, inflame, blow into, from in-in + spirare to breathe (see spirit). Inspire in this sense is c.1340, from O.Fr. enspirer, from L. inspirare, a loan-transl. of Gk. pnein in the Bible. General sense of influence or animate with an idea or purpose is from 1390. Inspirational is 1839 as influenced by inspiration; 1884 as tending to inspire.

So, if we look at the definition and then the roots of that information, we are taken back to understand the literal and intended meaning of the information. Inspiration is with spirit, with breath, influenced by spirit with our breath on our intellect and emotions. Inspiration, consequently, has a functional, real world affect on our lives.

Have you ever noticed that when you are stressed, you arent breathing deeply? You are not only restricting the flow of oxygen to your physical body, but you are also restricting the flow of Source, carried on your breath, to your mind and soul. When you are stressed, you are usually sending urgent messages out to the Big U. When you are stressed, you are not receiving and allowing the answers that have been sent to you. When you are relaxed, breathing deeply, and allowing Life to flow by you, you are in receiving mode.

Meditation has been used by many religions and cultures for the purpose of bringing our internal state back to calm in addition as for contacting the Divine Mind. The Divine Mind, from whence inspiration comes, is Your Mind, in addition. You just cant hear it over the drone and shouting of your human mind. This is where we in Western Cultures have to take a cue from Eastern Cultures and learn to quiet the human mind long enough to receive our inspirations, our answers. We can also breathe deeply, relax and in this way, we are also in reception mode.

This is functional advice. We ask, and ask, and ask and then surprise why our prayers havent been answered, when they have. We just havent been in the listening, receiving, and allowing mode. We talk, talk, talk; but we havent been trained to be very good listeners.

In order to accomplish all that we would like: clean air, new energy modes, new ideas for education, how to be well, how to thrive, not just survive – we have to allow the inspiration to come in. From our human mind we will only regurgitate the same old ideas and get more of the same results. It is time for new ideas, inspired solutions and creativity.

Every single one of us is wired to the same Source. Every single one of us can receive the inspired solutions not just for the immediate requests for our own lives, but also for the bigger jobs that confront our nation and the world.

Be nevertheless. Receive. The Big U already knows what you want, youve asked for it a zillion times. Now relax and listen – within. Inspiration is your birthright, and an integral part of your Being. Now, let us learn to use it, to apply our spirit to everyday problems and receive our guidance to our inspired solutions.

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