Insurance Market examination – States Ranked 21 Thru 31 For Insurance Product Marketing

Insurance Market examination – States Ranked 21 Thru 31 For Insurance Product Marketing

In this insurance market examination are 10 states ranked as not earth shattering for recruiting agents. However, these states should be repeat winners every time you use a top-notch insurance mail list to contact the meaningful insurance product marketing brokers. Merging insurance marketing skills, with a quality mailing list, puts these states within the budget of many regional and national brokerage firms, along with the big wholesalers fmo’s, and insurance companies. Read each different  insurance marketing examination.

In these 10 states, trim the unnecessary fat away and you have an excellent brokerage mailing list.   This method no mass mailing, email blasting, or faxing. Mass marketing to insurance agents is not only very foolish, but also in the end costly. How many agents respond at the lowest cost is very insignificant in an insurance recruiting campaign. What is important is the quality of the agent that responds and in turn if this agent truly becomes a proven producer.  Do not measure by “leaders” but by production from contracted insurance brokers.

NEW MEXICO, Rating = 21   In the last 5 years this state has really turned directions for recruiting. Before this, the state had far too many insurance agents, with minor experience. The turnover rate was ridiculous.   Everyone had a rookie cousin in the business, and another licensed cousin who was rapidly falling by the wayside. This has changed. The big Northeast/New England career recruiting shops wised up finally, and closed down shop. As a consequence, there are more semi-independent minded agents climbing up the success ladder.  The number willing to give brokerage products a good look is rising. As additional competing recruiters are catching on to our advice, get your piece of the action before it gets too over hit. The downside is the highly migrant average household income in this state is $20,000 lower than that of many states where the big life career companies are headquartered. All factors considered the future is now two thumbs up.

WEST VIRGINIA, Rating = 22  By the little recruiting attention this state receives, you would think it is hidden on the map. West Virginia averages only 1/4 to 1/3 the population of the states of Virginia, Maryland, Massachusetts, and New Jersey, and the agent receives at the minimum 90% less calls, emails, or mailings. The problem to annuity recruiters is that West Virginia ranks dead last of all states when the median household income is examined. The decent senior population makes it a respectable area for selling long-term care and senior life products.

NORTH DAKOTA, Rating = 23   North Dakota, for being such a cold state, has one of the highest percentage of senior age citizens in the complete nation. This small agent population state, makes finding senior market agents a great find. Combine that with the warm reception of many fraternal life insurance agents. Here is the opening for marketing to agents you health insurance plans. However, when looking for annuity sales reps, the median family income needs to be acknowledged. In this, sales area, because of sub-par overall income position, North Dakota would rate lower for annuity marketing organizations and wholesalers.

SOUTH CAROLINA, Rating = 24   Agent reception in South Carolina, sure lags behind its sister state North Carolina. Two factors lower this state’s recruiting rank. First, it is a state of a lower family income level. Second, it is also a state with higher agent turnover. If you target the right agents with the right products at the right time, you will find the South Carolina is smack dab in the middle. Part of this is the fact that South Carolina is not given enough recruiting attention.

MAINE, Rating = 25   “Little” is the information keeping this state from being ranked much higher. There is an insufficient number of agents to give a seminar, and almost too little to mail. Maine agents, unlike those in most northeastern states, are receptive to both local, regional marketing firms, along with far away national marketers and insurance companies. Like North Dakota, the overall income position is low, but the number of seniors willing to brave the winter chill is high. A state way overlooked. Especially it is true when recruiting firms are looking for agents to sell ltc, life, and annuities to the senior and near senior ma

LOUISIANA, Rating = 26   The hurricane disaster sent this state hastily rolling 6 spots downward on our recommendation list. Since then, it has climbed back up two locaiongs. Many agents have made a change to drier states with a better economy. It was already one of the poorer states, and right now, many low-income people stayed. In New Orleans, many with money or job move opportunities moved out. The surviving agents, with over 5 years experience, nevertheless have a stable client base, or work parts of the state not affected by the disaster. The good news is that your competition has pretty much given up on the state. Some adaptive, insurance brokerage operations tell us that their current Louisiana mailings are getting the best results ever. The main reason being is that the less knowledgeable recruiting competition has retreated.

PENNSYLVANIA, Rating = 27  We feel the state of Pennsylvania keeps the worst insurance records of licensed agents. Are there really 100,000 or so just life and health agents alone? Absolutely Not. additionally, how about the addresses of the agents? Using addresses the insurance department provides would produce far in excess of 30% of your mail being undeliverable. This might sound shocking. However, numerous other state insurance department agent address records hover between 20 and 35% not deliverable. Do not trust anybody that says they have a large accurate list of Pennsylvania agents. Hint: In Pennsylvania, acquire either a small-perfected list or none at all. Definitely, this is not the state to include in mass mail, mass email, or use telephone telemarketing. Overall, the agents that can be determined to being brokers (placing business with an outside company) are premier producers. Only the best will do, especially for target marketing to agents with a knack for annuity and financial related products.

MONTANA, Rating = 28  The agent base in Montana is small, but the geographic area they must cover is immense. The amount of small independent multi-line, life-health-auto=home agents is beyond normal dimensions. This however is a plus factor. The majority of these small operations are independent, representing multiple carriers. They place their life and health products with different carrier insurers that receive their car, home, and business insurance premiums. 

IOWA, Rating = 29   Iowa is the home to many life and health insurance companies, and most insurers like to have a heavy presence in their home states. consequently, while the insurance company direct recruiting pressure is high, the pressure placed by brokerage and marketing firms is average. It is a hard city for recruiting wanting to give a seminar. Only Des Moines has enough quality agents to invite. This method areas like Cedar Rapids, Davenport, and Sioux City are commonly overlooked. The need for agent recruiting is overall is slightly below what it should be.

IDAHO, Rating = 30   There are a lot of potato farmers spread out over a great lot of land for the specialized agents to follow up on. Unfortunately, the number of independent agents and agencies in this state falls below what it should be. Although there are quite a few agents that will sometimes place insurance, life or health situations outside their main company. So many should be called semi captive and semi-receptive, instead of independently receptive. The amount of business each broker produces is limited, making it harder on the insurance marketing firm to get a good return on investment.

ILLINOIS, Rating = 31   Illinois is a very large population state, with a 60/40 divided. This method 60% of the agents are crammed in the metropolitan Chicago area alone. The Chicago are shares many of the New England State characteristics. The similar features are the higher than normal agent turnover rate, the large presence of big career life training companies, and the 9th highest median family income in the United States. The other 40% of the state follows its Midwestern state counterparts. It has more independent brokers, less recruiting competition, and producers receptive to annuity, life, and health offers. Stay out of Chicago, and you find a good middle range state for marketing your products to agents.

Right here, in case you are printing out the ranks, are the top 20 states in order. They are Florida, California, Texas, Ohio, Georgia, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Carolina, Michigan, Missouri, Tennessee, Oregon, Alabama, Kentucky, Arkansas, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Nebraska, and Utah holding the 20th position.

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