Introduction to Furnaces

Introduction to Furnaces

A furnace is defined as a mechanical device designed in the time of action of heat generation and heat move. Furnace serves several purposes, depending upon the kind of the need. It could be to heat the enclosures or to burn materials like cremating or for the purpose of molding and casting. They are classified into two general types as Household furnaces and Industrial furnaces, depending on the application.

Combustion and Condensation are two widely used types. In the first kind heat generation is done by burning fuel and the hot gases are let out by an exhaust chimney to a height. The second kind makes use of the exhaust gases using the high stack temperature by recycling. This hot gases may contain water and other chemicals that is likely to condense which will be deleted by appropriate condensate pumping system.

In western countries the term furnace is used to describe home based heating systems. It could be boiler kind used to heat water or sometimes a kiln a furnace used for baking ceramics and so on. But in the European countries furnace is exclusively referred to the system in industrial use, finding the application in many areas like extraction of maters from its ores or in oil refineries and in other chemical factories for extraction of specific chemical with a specific melting point or for fractional distillation and similar processes.

In chemical processes like cracking or for other metallurgical course of action where the time of action is used then also it is referred as furnaces where heat is obtained by direct firing methods. There are various fuels used like wood in olden days and then petroleum fuels and other gases from coal and other natural and synthetic materials are use. The heat generation is by the combustion or by electricity in electrical arc furnaces or by induction in induction furnaces.

Home or Industrial Furnaces form an irreplaceable place. With modern technology the system gets upgraded to more sophistication and compact forms, but the time of action heat is being supplied by Furnaces only till date.

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