Lennox Humidifier Parts and a Healthy Indoor Climate

Lennox Humidifier Parts and a Healthy Indoor Climate

It was only a few generations ago that people did the bare minimum to take care of their indoor air quality. For most people, it boiled down to getting enough warmth not to freeze to death in the coldest winter months and getting enough cool air not to faint from the July heat. Then along came insulation, whole house envelopes, smarter windows and doors and a lot more. With these new ways of saving energy and controlling Mother character came a few issues, one of them being humidity.

In walks you, the clever, certified HVAC technician, ready to save the day. You know what is needed to stop the growth of mildew in the bathroom. You understand how much better the air quality is when a whole-home dehumidification system has been correctly installed. You understand that plugging in a vaporizer once in a while is not going to cut it in terms of protecting the health of a home’s inhabitants, not to mention preserving expensive wood furnishings and pricey musical instruments. But the average homeowner doesn’t know as much as you, which is why they pay you the big bucks. Someone else may come along, though, who doesn’t have your technical know-how or honest integrity, and they might under-bid you. What can you do? Hand this to your customers when you give them that price quote on Lennox humidifier parts or installation charges on a whole-house system. It might help.

If you’re dry as a bone or you’re seeing unsightly mold developing in your home, you probably have poor indoor air quality. This can be an issue, whether you have family members who suffer from asthma or you are all in good condition. Poor air quality, fortunately, can be fixed. That’s the good news. And once it’s repaired, you can count on spending less on repairs to walls and other things; you can rest assured that your fine furnishings, musical instruments, pets, and the human members of the household will all be better protected.

Why is the air in your house bad? It can be from poor ventilation. If your home is energy tight, that’s good for the strength bill, but it may create new issues for you like too much humidity, a situation that can encourage dust mites, mold, mildew, bacteria growth, viruses…excess humidity can already promote the release of certain chemicals from household materials into the air. You can also be dealing with dust and contaminants that come into your home from outdoors or that are simply already there-for example, pet dander-and now are being blown about by the flow of air and by human activity. Finally, dry air can make skin itch, foster more sore throats and respiratory issues than you’d otherwise be dealing with, and increase the incidence of static shocks. If a friendly pat on the shoulder makes the recipient say, “Ouch!” it may be time to give some attention to the air quality of your home.

So what can be done? You can discuss this with your HVAC technician, but in short, you will need to cure the issue(s) at hand. If your home is dry, a Lennox humidifier can help. If you already have a humidification system installed in your home-especially if it’s been a few years since this was done-it may be time for a tune-up. Sometimes it’s just a matter of the right technician installing the right humidifier parts and adjusting your internal systems to make sure your level of humidity is optimal. You might also consider having an air cleaner installed that can control the contaminants that circulate by your home when the heating or air conditioning runs. Having your ventilation looked at can help, since not getting fresh air into your home can be unhealthy. A ventilation control system will monitor outdoor temperature and indoor humidity, and a damper will allow in only as much fresh air as is needed to correct imbalances.

Ask your local HVAC expert about ventilation and cleaning systems, substitute humidifier parts, whole-home bypass humidifiers, dehumidification systems and other Lennox humidifier solutions that can help make your home healthier. And don’t expect to have a true solution at bargain basement prices. If you want a healthy home, you have to cross all of your t’s and dot all of your i’s-trust a technician who knows what these are and can do the job right the first time.

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