LG 42LH3000 Review

The LG 42LH3000 is a forty two inch LCD flat panel screen with 1080p resolution, quality speaker system features, energy saving enhancements, and Freeview capability. This product offering from LG possesses the standard connections for gaming, surround sound, and other elements (i. E. Blue-ray, PlayStation, etc.).

It is an HD ready LCD screen as defined by European standards. Image quality is comparable to most other models in the marketplace. Most web based customer reviews seem more than content with the picture quality. The LG 42LH3000 has three types of viewing modes: Cinema, Sport, and Game. The form also allows the user to adjust picture quality by a control guide program for those who want to further tweak their LCD screen for optimum viewing enjoyment. The screen’s dynamic contrast is about 50,000:1 which is not as impressive as some of the plasma sets. The TV processes frames at a 50-Hz frequency which is slightly average at best and could be a concern when viewing high action, fast-moving scenes.

This television’s most rare attribute is probably its sound system. LG has strategically placed their speakers into the front bezel in order to enhance the audio to increase the sweet identify providing a richer and wider sound field. This ‘Invisible Speaker System.. ‘ has the additional assistance of being fine tuned by Mark Levinson.

The consumer can further enhance their listening pleasure by selecting from one of the five sound settings: Standard, Music, Cinema, Game, and Sport. Another enhancement obtainable on the LG 42LH3000 is the ‘Clear Voice 2 ‘ technology. This technology allows for voices to be amplified while reducing the ambient noise. This can be advantageous when watching movies that contain lots of background blare. The LCD has 20W audio out ports for installing a surround sound system and Dolby digital capability.

The LG 42LH3000 also contains three HDMI slots for connecting to high definition devices, such as Blue-ray players and certain gaming consoles. The panel also has two Scart sockets for connecting to other non-HD elements such as DVD players. The screen is capable of being connected to a computer by its PC interface.

Unlike some of its competitors, the form only offers Freeview, digital land only signals, as opposed to Freesat, digital satellite television which often times requires a dish.

Energy saving technology is a meaningful part of LG’s marketing strategy with three rare features. A screen off function allows the screen to be turned off while the speakers are on. The form also has a standby mode where no electricity is consumed. Perhaps the most rare characterize is the Intelligent Sensor which controls picture brightness and color depending on the ambient room lighting ecosystem. These features make the LG 42LH3000 among the most efficient flat screen televisions which meet the criteria of the Energy Saving Trust.

The black panel TV weighs slightly more than 17 kilograms with a stand that swivels and a 178 degree viewing angle. Interestingly, one meaningful characterize lacking in the form is Picture-in-Picture capability. The price range for the LG 42LH3000 is from 499 British pounds to slightly under 700 British pounds, depending on the retailer.

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