Living Fearlessly – Part 1

Living Fearlessly – Part 1

Recently our new US Attorney General, Eric Holder, distinct that we are a nation of cowards. Specifically he was referring to our reticence to discuss matters of race. However shocking his tactless comment is, it does point to a Truth: that what we fear is where we are stuck. Until we can transform that fear-based belief, we are doomed to living that reality like the movie, Groundhog Day.

Life is really not that mysterious. In areas where we refuse to concede that we are afraid, we keep getting the same reality over and over, whats more that reality gets bigger and bigger until we cry uncle.

Currently in America we are looking at an economic situation the likes of which havent been experienced since the Great Depression. How did this happen? Well, it didnt happen over night, but rather grew inch by micro inch over a long period of time based on the belief that there isnt enough wealth. It is a fear based belief that we dont have enough money.

This belief then grew to have many correlating beliefs such as: in order to get mine, Ill have to lie or fudge the facts. If I dont go along with this group who has the big bucks, Ill be shut out; if I tell the Truth, I wont have access to money. Go on and create more statements of your own. They might sound like, I stayed with GM because I was afraid to try something new; or too old to do anything else. I bought this house and was too afraid to ask the details of the loan. I lied on my loan application, because if I didnt I was afraid I wouldnt get the house. Always, it is our fear when unacknowledged, causes us to make more decisions in fear, which by the Law of allurement will create an already bigger mess.

Now, multiply this by a nation of people who believe in without. When we are afraid, we spread and get smaller, which is the opposite of Who We Really Are. We dont original and create, when we are paralyzed or frozen by our fears. A tiny fear, left unaltered, will grow into a huge monster to finally get our attention that we have to transform that fear-based belief, into Love and Plenty. In short, we have to change – our mind.

If we are cowards, it is only in that one example where we run from the fear, instead of name it. The freedom begins the minute we stop running, being distracted from and otherwise ignoring it. For the minute we name it, we have chosen our new course, which is natural. For example: I am so afraid that my wife will leave me. I now know what it is I do want – I want a long happy relationship with this woman. My focus is now pointed in a completely new direction from empty to complete. The question I ask now that I know what it is I want is this: How do we have a long, happy relationship together?

Fear focuses us on the downward spiral to nowhere. Deciding where we consciously want to go and focusing our spirit in that direction asks the Big U to send us all the information on the subject of complete, happy, relationships. We see them, we hear people talk as information is sent to us in answer to our asking. Fear begets more fear and gets us the consequence we dont want. Refocusing to the fullness of what is wanted gets us what is desired.

If we knew this and if we believed this, we wouldnt be so hesitant to confront each and every fear and celebrate it as the perfect opportunity to change course and chart the desired direction. Instead, we languish in fear. We hide it and concealment it behind pills, television, food, sarcasm, and hate – at all event will distract us from that icky feeling. All the while we dont get it that the feeling of fear is our buddy.

This buddy has come to say, Youre thinking about this all wrong. Source, your Godchip, is living the opposite of what your human mind believes, thats why it feels so bad to you. You think you cant be well, but your Godchip knows you are in complete and perfect health.

The gap between your human beliefs and your Godchip Knowing of Truth is the pain, because the absence of Source always feels lousy.

So what shall we do about all this fear? Start recognizing each one, naming them. This is homework for each American, because the collective consciousness isnt going to shift until each individual does his personal work. How to begin?

Sit down quietly and feel the subjects that you are uneasy about. You might want to light a candle and put on some nice music, but set your intention not to scare yourself to death or try to solve anything. You are simply going to play a new game called, Name That Fear. The purpose of this Game is to refocus you from feeling powerless (separation from your Godchip) to the empowered direction (the journey back into alignment with Source).

So, you might make your list as follows:

Current Fear New Desire:

I am afraid that I will lose my job. I desire work that is uplifting, challenging and rewards my energy contribution.

I am afraid that I will get a really bad disease. I desire to live long and in complete and perfect health, with the vitality to do everything I want to do.

You get the idea. Make your list, and then closest consider what new desires have just been birthed.

Review this list of new desires and feel the certainty in the clarity of your new focus. It feels so good to be clear about knowing that I want uplifting, challenging work all the days of my life that rewards me well for my energy and contribution. And how good does it feel to be clear about desiring to live a long and happy life in complete and perfect health. Whew! Clarity. Relief. Remember: this is only about getting a new focus, not about solving anything. Feel the relief of shifting your focus from fear to complete.

The clarity and relief are the consequence of refocusing your Self to Truth and away from the lie. You couldnt have found the new direction, until you looked at that fear and named it for what it was.

The next step is to make a new list, with only your new desires on it.

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