Loss of Refrigerant Requires Heating and Air Conditioning Systems Repa…

Loss of Refrigerant Requires Heating and Air Conditioning Systems Repa…

It has been a shared misconception that air conditioning units guzzle refrigerant and must be refilled every so often. This is simply not true. When an air unit is maintained properly and is serviced every year by an air conditioning contractor or other specialized, it should never lose refrigerant and continue to function as efficiently as the day it was installed. Because of this shared misunderstanding, many owners believe that the solution is to simply add more refrigerant and everything will be fine. However, loss of refrigerant (Freon) is a sign of a leak and should require the help of a heating and air conditioning systems repair company.

Newer air conditioning units have welded connections and that help decline the chances of the unit leaking. Any system that is eight years or older most likely had flared fittings used for the connections. As the unit operates a steady vibration occurs that can cause these fittings to become loose after many years of operation. The consequence of the fittings becoming loose is a refrigerant leak. AC repair is the only option in a case like this because adding additional refrigerant will only be a permanent solution that could consequence in more harsh damage.

Why are refrigerant leaks an issue that should be repaired and resolved? Any time your unit is low on Freon, its overall efficiency is reduced. This method that the air will not be as cool and your system may work harder resulting in higher energy costs to you. Low Freon can also cause the evaporator wire to freeze. Your system will truly ice up and not run. In order to already have it checked, it will have to be thawed. Major parts may have to be replaced on top of the cost of repairing the initial problem which is the leak. The Environmental Protection Agency or EPA considers Freon a controlled substance. It is hazardous for the ecosystem and very dangerous to animals.

The compressor is the main part of the air unit and Freon cools the compressor. As the Freon level gets lower the compressor will overheat. The compressor may fail and need to be replaced much earlier than it should have been. This is a major reason why it is important to have your system checked yearly by a specialized air conditioning contractor. Any time the compressor overheats or fails, it will most likely have to be replaced. If the damage is harsh, replacing the whole condensing unit may be necessary. This is very expensive and preventable.

The first part of preventing any major problems with your air unit involves knowing how they function and how to reduce the risk of damage. Regular maintenance such as changing the filters and keeping the unit clear of items that can block the air flow can keep your system running efficiently and prevent a lot of damage from occurring. Have someone who specializes in heating and air conditioning systems repair check the unit yearly for leaks, wiring problems, and other issues to prevent any costly and unnecessary ac repair.

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