Magic Tricks Revealed – The Fantastic Telepathic Connection

Magic Tricks Revealed – The Fantastic Telepathic Connection

This is a great magic that involves two people. It requires a little bit of practice beforehand, but you will always enthrall with this secret trick. You will convince any audience of you and your partners psychic powers, and they will never guess the secret, no matter how many times you do this. One cool thing about this trick is that you can do it over and over.

This the way the trick will look to your flabbergasted audience. You explain that your friend has a gift of reading your mind, but he or she can only read your mind. They will naturally ask for a demonstration, and you produce a normal pack of cards. You let anybody look by the cards to ensure it’s not a trick deck, then you ask your partner to leave the room, or the area for a associate of minutes.

The crowd, or person you are doing this trick with chooses, any card. You don’t already touch the deck. They pick out the card, show it to you, and then put the card where nobody can see it. Your partner returns, and sits just behind you, and puts their fingers gently on your temples, just like he or she is doing the old Vulcan mind meld trick. After a few moments, your friend or partner guesses the card.

Here’s the trick. When they place their hands, or fingers, on your temple, you gently clench your jaw together a number of times according to a pre set code between you and your partner. Try it now if you like, touch your temple while you clench your jaw muscle, and you will feel it. One way to do this is to clench a certain number of times to signify the suit, pause, and then clench a number of times to signify the card itself.

It can also help if you can put your head down slightly, and they can keep up their whole palms flat against the side of your confront. That will have a more emotional effect, and will cover up any obvious clenching. Also, you’ll need to explain why your partner needs to touch you only on that identify for it to work, so you’ll need to come up with a good story. You can explain that your partner is part Vulcan or something.

Of course, this isn’t limited to card tricks. If you and your partner learn Morse code, you can transmit all kinds of information between each other and entertain your friends for hours. One great example is to blindfold your partner, and then have people in the audience keep up up simple things, and then you transmit them using Morse code. If he or she is blindfolded, they will be more focused on the integrity of the blind fold than any method of transmission. There are plenty of other ways you can think of to use this versatile trick. Have fun.

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