Man follows woman to home near SDSU

SAN DIEGO — A man trailed a woman to her home near San Diego State University and tried to follow her inside last month, according to police — now officials are hoping photos will help clarify the man.

The pictures were released for the first time in a San Diego Police Department news release Thursday. They show a man standing and then sitting in the backyard of a home on Mary Lane on April 27, according to SDPD.

Images show a man suspected of following a woman into her College Area backyard and peering by the window at her, ultimately trying to break in. (Photo: San Diego Police Department)

Investigators say the man followed the woman as she walked to the home, just south of Montezuma Road near College method. He walked into the backyard behind the woman, who went inside and locked the door.

The man stayed in the backyard for about 15 minutes, according to police, peering by windows and already trying to open several doors to the home before leaving. The woman and several roommates watched from inside the house until he finally walked away.

Anyone with information about the man was urged to call San Diego police at 619-531-2000 or San Diego County Crime Stoppers at 888-580-8477.

Much of the College Area neighborhood surrounding the university caters to student housing, and the woman’s home is just a associate blocks away from several extended campus buildings, but officials did not say whether she or her roommates had any ties to San Diego State.

Authorities referred to the man as a “prowler.” Officials sometimes use the term “hot prowl” to describe a break-in or attempted break-in that occurs while people are home.

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