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Lung Cancer, like all forms of cancer, is a terrible disease. It leaves its victims in so much pain and throws away their quality of life. It is caused by a variety of ways, the most popular one being tobacco smoking. Not surprising, considering the great amount of people across the world who smoke. Less commonly known causes include exposure to petroleum gases you tend to inhale when at a filling stop, exposure to asbestos and consistent exposure and/or inhalation of smog like that of being retained in a gridlock rush hour.

A very scarce form of lung tumors is mesothelioma. It affects a handful of people, for example in the United States, but its incidence rate is considerably growing, i.e. a lot more people than before are being diagnosed with the malignant tumor. The cancer to a large degree can be caused by unprotected & prolonged exposure to asbestos. An outrageously high amount of the brave HERO rescue workers who abundant their lives to fight the madness of 9-11 as it unfolded in New York, developed mesothelioma and other (slightly) preventable types of lung cancer. A lot of the SAINT rescue workers, beloved by their families, friends communities and country, sadly already passed away in the near decade since the atrocity was cowardly committed by terrorists.

There is no known cure for it to date. It is a horrible monster befalls unassuming, everyday people and shatters complete families. Many families grieving the loss of their loved one(s) are left to pick up the pieces from the havoc wrecked by the nightmare. Since mesothelioma is so much of a scarce disease, it’s very difficult for those left behind to come to terms with the realities of it, i.e. why it had to happen; ‘If it’s so scarce, why did it have to happen to me/us etc?’ I have had the chilling experience of witnessing a lady interact with group members of a mesothelioma forum, first asking everybody to keep her uncle in their prayers as he’s battling mesothelioma, then returning a few days after to announce that he had passed away. This was very disturbing, especially as I was amongst the people who sent her goodwill messages to console her when she first made the announcement.

Due to the fact that mesothelioma is more often than not developed by the exposure to asbestos, it can unfortunately present itself in a number of (potentially) hazardous situations, if proper care is not taken to observe and inspect the ecosystem at home, school, work or many other places. In the United States, for example, there have been a growing number of incidents of official/authoritative negligence on part of school boards, employers, government ministries etc to ensure that respectively children, artisans, civil servants etc are protected from (potentially) dangerous exposure to asbestos by protective method or already denial access.

The Mesothelioma & Asbestos Awareness Center reported “Those who’ve studied the possible danger of asbestos caused by the collapse of the World Trade Center calculate that more than 110,000 people may have suffered serious exposure including 80,000 tower workers, 30,000 local residents, and 4,000 first responders. Deborah Reeve was the first 9/11 emergency responder to die of mesothelioma. Doctors agree that her exposure to asbestos was a consequence of her days spent working at the recovery site.”

By and large, many organisations and institutions tend to flout regulations and health & safety procedures stipulated by law or stick to them in a completely unacceptable manner. Thereby, people are put at risk of contracting the disease and/or those who have already been diagnosed with mesothelioma are left uncared for, unattended by institutions and unable to get the specialized and highly competent sustain and assistance they require, in a legal capacity.

The track record of legal experts in the fields of lung cancer and mesothelioma has been impressive; incredible amounts of compensation have been paid out to families of mesothelioma sufferers, in sustain of their plight to fight the cancer and address the gross maltreatment and inequality they have experienced at the hands of their academic or vocational superiors. It is consequently advised to quickly seek the help of a trusted legal expert, with a proven track record on lung cancer and mesothelioma litigation situations to best address the legal needs in the way it is deserved to have it treated.

Under no circumstances does this article intend in any way to discredit the United States of America. The content has been attempted to be portrayed as factually as possible. Any subliminal mocking of any character that could possibly be inferred from it, is completely unintentional.


The Mesothelioma & Asbestos Awareness Center

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