Mini divided HVAC System – What Spaces Are Mini Splits Most appropriate For…

Mini divided HVAC System – What Spaces Are Mini Splits Most appropriate For…

When you are looking to save money on your air conditioning and heating utility bill, it certainly makes sense to look into mini divided HVAC system choices. HVAC here stands for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning.

While mini divided HVAC systems have been introduced in the USA in the 70s, they are nevertheless not widely used, and only recently have the divided HVAC energy savings and low noise qualities come out to shine.

We will list here the circumstances and the spaces in which a mini divided HVAC system is an especially substantial and recommended choice. When one or more circumstances apply to you, you will know better that looking further into divided unit system installation makes sense.

divided units make great retrofit add-ons

Due to the minimal invasiveness into the wall or window structure, divided units make for good retrofit add-ons. for example, older, and smaller houses where ducts would take too much space. Also, when a quietude in a space is of paramount importance, divided units make a lot of sense. Places like hospitals, churches, and community spaces assistance from divided HVAC systems.

divided units work well for non-ducted small apartments and additions

When introducing duct extensions are impractical, such as in small apartments and in house additions, introducing a divided HVAC unit or a mini divided heat pump makes a lot of sense. Think sun rooms, bedrooms, workshops and home offices. In industrial settings, computer offices and warehouse posts use divided system HVAC units successfully.

Apartment units on first floor

divided units make much sense for the first floor apartments where a portable unit vents or already window units represent a security risk due to the need to have the window open at the times when using the a portable unit.

Homes in milder winter climates

In milder climates, such as California, mini divided HVAC units can be used effectively both as air conditioners and as heat pumps to reduce the cooling bills in the summer and the heating bills in the winter.

When inhabitants who live together prefer different temperature settings

In households where individuals with different temperature settings preferences live or work in the same space, you can judiciously place the mini divided cooling unit on the wall mid-height or near the ceiling. You can suspend it from the ceiling or install it into a drop ceiling, or already place it on the floor. By choosing the placement and the air flow direction from a mini divided HVAC unit right, you can satisfy the preferences of multiple different temperature personalities in the same space.

Single family houses with up to four rooms

Finally, houses with up to four rooms, or zones are appropriate for use of mini divided HVAC systems as typically one outside unit can adjust to up to four inside units. You will save money every month over choosing a central air conditioner due to more control over the individual temperatures in the zones in addition as due to no losses in the ducts.

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