MLM Prospecting – Does Mentoring For Free Deliver on Its potential?

MLM Prospecting – Does Mentoring For Free Deliver on Its potential?

According to its members, Mentoring for Free is a system for generating leads for any network marketing business. It is an allurement marketing system, in that the members offer a free ebook, “Success in 10 Steps”, and coaching/training calls in exchange for your contact information. Their free eBook has valuable information about network marketing and weekly training calls are obtainable for current coaching. We’ve seen some very interesting comments about what takes place during conference call, e.g., most members seem to be in one network marketing company, in particular. A “red flag” also went up when the members who contacted us would not proportion what network marketing company they belonged to.

OK, no problem, but is this system truly what it purports to be? For two reasons, the approach used by Mentoring for Free is less than ideal, at the minimum for our needs. Most importantly, this is not an affiliate system, or funded proposal. And, it isn’t until page 71 of the eBook that a prospect learns that there is a $19.95 monthly cost of using the system to build your business. We personally prefer using an affiliate system for allurement marketing, or funded proposal, e.g. see our review of Magnetic Sponsoring as the industry’s first funded proposal.

Also, Mentoring for Free isn’t customizable to allow branding “You, Inc.” vs. Mentoring for Free and it’s author. It is also interesting to observe that Michael Dlouhy’s mug shot is front and center on the ebook, and he is very prominently listed as its author. This improves the “brand” of Mentoring for Free and its author/creator, but does little for the member him or herself. Also, in a good allurement marketing system, “You, Inc.” should own the database, or list of prospects vs. the company or system being used. What happens when you quit paying your $19.95 monthly fee?

We can’t argue with the laudible aim to aim anyone in network marketing as a way of “giving back,” and the training on working with different personality types is very good. Some of the material, however, seems to some to be “reverse-engineered” to rule prospects to the unavoidable conclusion that there is one far superior company to all the rest in network marketing. Is this just a veiled attempt to build a downline for one individual? Our main caution here would be using this system as a generic downline builder for any company other than that promoted by the Mentoring for Free founder. That is unless you’re prepared to strongly defend the advantages of your own company, should it not meet all of the suggested Mentoring for Free criteria of a “five pillar company.”

Mentoring for Free is an clever downline builder which leverages the concept of first delivering value before expecting to earn sales commissions. The branding issue alone seems to indicate at the minimum an additional motive that is involved. Mentoring for Free is also not customizable for individual “branding.”

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