Music Video Dance Parties – How to Choose a VJ

Music Video Dance Parties – How to Choose a VJ

So you’re interested in hosting your own music video dance party? There are some things you should look for when deciding who should DJ/VJ your party. Not all VJ’s are alike nor can they put on the same style music video dance party as a specialized VJ can do for you.

Your party requires a video screen to fit the location. A specialized VJ should have both smaller 5-7′ video screens and larger 10′-20′ video screens. When they are performing, specialized VJs typically do what is called “rear projection,” where the LCD projector for the music video dance party is placed behind the video screen. If you have a smaller room with limited space for your party, they would suggest that you place the video projector in the corner of the room and have the video screen for the music videos about 12-15′ out from that corner.

The meaningful to a successful video party is the LCD projector. Some VJs will attempt to use cheap projectors for your music video dance party with only 700-1,400 lumens (brightness). The room must be completely black in order for people to see this style projector. specialized VJs use only specialized grade LCD 2,500 Lumen or better projectors for their parties. Why? What’s the use in having a video dance party if the picture quality is poor or you can’t see it?

The same goes for the sound system at your music video dance party – specialized VJs typically setup a concert level sound system for all of their events (unless very small number of guests or more intimate setting). The floor will shake and the pulse of the music will resonate throughout you as you enjoy the music. It will be like going to a night club. You will be submerged in sound, light and video. They should offer club style lighting to bring the night club air to your venue. Your party will be the most amazing thing you’ve ever experienced in entertainment.

A specialized VJ should have 5,000 or more music videos (and updated at the minimum monthly). They should have music to satisfy both young and young at heart at your next video party. Know what you are getting and ask question/get it in writing. A specialized VJ should cost you between $1,000 and $3,000 depending on the size and options of your event

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