Must I indulge people who mispronounce my name?

DEAR MISS MANNERS: My name is uncommon, and admittedly not distinct the way it looks on paper to English speakers. Because of that, I usually answer to all sorts of permutations of my name when speaking with people with whom I do not have either a friendly or business relationship.

However, with people I expect to work with or see more frequently, I offer the correct pronunciation of my name the first few times they get it wrong. If they are really struggling with it, I already offer a mnemonic to help them to remember.

My name consists of only two syllables, so it is not that difficult to get it right.

For how long should I offer assistance to people who, for at any rate reason, just can’t get it right?

GENTLE READER: At a certain point — and there is no hard rule about when this happens — repetition of the mistake becomes studied disrespect.

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