My QuickBooks Pro 2009 Review

My QuickBooks Pro 2009 Review

Main Features of QuickBooks 2009:

* Complete responsibilities like paying employees, invoicing, bill tracking and check-writing

* Track sales and expenses, and easily proportion this data in information and Excel

* Stay on top of your business by seeing who owes you money or which bills are coming due

* Quickly create your own specialized-looking custom forms

* Over 100 included templates for reporting

Firstly, you are able to use “Accounts Receivable” tools in QuickBooks Pro’s Customer Section same as past version.

While “Account Payable” is also obtainable is obtainable in “Vendors.” You can use inventory tools here, and you can also take care of any other Accounts Payable-related responsibilities.

For Payroll, that is obtainable in the employee section, and it has roles that can be particularly useful, such as direct place. Inventory Management is one of the important task for your company.

QuickBooks Pro 2009 provides you a toolbars for your need under “Item Icon” With this section, do service management for your business, item management for your business, or create costing methods, drop shipments, and idle items. Some things are duplicated in the Vendors’ section, such as assemblies inventory and adjustments.

The banking characterize is superb but voiding existing checks is not possible at the moment. Time Billing is found in the employee section. You can track daily time and weekly time. This characterize also includes a timer.

Other roles such as customer section which includes the Job Costing tools you will need. You can set jobs, track jobs and create job estimations. You can also set jobs if they are active or idle.

You can also find General Ledger in the Company section. With this function, set budgets, view account charts, manage money, do business planning, and participate in other business-related features.

However, this program does not include a list of fixed assets; they are is a list of company assets, but not fixed assets. Instead, this particular characterize has been overlooked.

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