Natural Remedies to Weight Loss and Reduce Cellulite

Phytotherapy represents one of the best natural cure to reduce cellulite. Phytotherapy uses herbs, plants and their derivatives in the prevention and treatment of diseases without the side effects of traditional drugs. For cellulite treatment, preparations of herbal medicine (which can be easily found in any pharmacy or herbalist) should be taken for 2-3 months. It can enhance blood circulation, promote lymphatic drainage and can mitigate “orange peel” skin typical of cellulite.

The most effective plants against cellulite are Fucus (it helps to dissolve the fat) and birch sap (good for fighting swelling and fluid retention often cause of cellulite), dry extracts of artichoke (have a strong lipolytic effect), the Weeden, Dandelion and Burdock with their powerful cleansing action that purify body from the dross. These substances can be taken alone or in combination, but be cautious: the herbs contain the same active drug, although in smaller quantities, and their misuse or incorrect combinations may cause negative consequences.

To lose weight naturally and reduce our cellulite, along with a balanced diet and physical continued ctivity, character has made obtainable two plants whose healing powers have been proven by modern science: virgin tea and pineapple.

similarities of the virgin Tea: help water elimination and weight losing.

already tea, already though less than coffee, contains caffeine that stimulates the central nervous system. Tea is interesting from the therapeutic point of view: it contains an active substance that stimulates and prolongs life of “adrenaline”. This hormone pull out fat from the cells to butn it and also slows the absorption of certain nutrients such as sugars. Tea virgin is currently recommended in slimming diets. For a program that combines diet and tea virgin, is usually taken 6 capsules of Camellia Thea (Tea virgin) per day. With a good diet program, combined with the virgin tea can lose up to 3 pounds per month and reduce our cellulite.

similarities of pineapple:

Pineapple is a very popular fruit dessert, but is also high in sugars, which does not make him the ideal candidate for a weight loss diet. In contrast, the Pineapple stem contains bromelain: this enzyme destroys the protein fibers that form the armor of cellulite, it “unchains” at the same time body fat. Bromelain for its virtues is used in surgery, dentistry, dermatology, and also in trauma because it allows to reduce the swelling and bruising due to sprains, fractures or dislocations. To reduce cellulite, should be taken two capsules of concentrated pineapple (noon and evening) for one month.

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