Network Marketing Duplication – Systems that Help Your Team Make Money

Everyone in MLM – network marketing knows that it’s all about duplication. Duplication is your ability to multiply your efforts by other people. When duplication happens, it grows your business in a way that you could never unprotected to by yourself.

Duplication happens faster and easier when you have a system that encourages it. You and your team can easily duplicate if you have a system that you KNOW, can DO, and can Teach.

3 System “Must Haves”

1) Your Team “MUST HAVE” a System They KNOW – If you want to duplicate your efforts both you and your team must have a system that you KNOW. Everyone needs to know in great detail how to find interested prospects, how to educate those prospects and answer their questions, and how to plug people into the team. Do you know how you find interested people? Do you have a course of action for showing your business/products with someone else?

2) Your Team “MUST HAVE” a System They CAN DO – You system needs to be one that you people can truly do. Get your team on board with a system that can be done in just a associate of steps. Use a website and an conference call. Or use a DVD and a 3-way call. It doesn’t matter what the steps are. It should just be something that is easy to follow.

3) Your Team “MUST HAVE” a System They CAN TEACH – Remember, your goal is duplication. To duplicate, you need a system that your team can easily show to other people. You’re your team has a system that they Know, and one that they can do, then it’s very natural for your team to teach their teams the same system.

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