Night Clubs in Protaras, Cyprus

If you ever grow bored on your Cyprus holiday and start hankering after a little nightlife there are plenty of nightclubs in Protaras Cyprus where you can party on until the early hours of the morning should you so wish. Then, maybe straight off afterwards for a complete English breakfast in one of the many bars and restaurants that serve them at great prices. already if you just want some great family entertainment there is plenty on offer all along the strip in many of the themed bars such as “only fools and horses” or Friends bar to name just a few.

One of the best and consequently most popular nightclubs in Protaras Cyprus just has to be Boogies. located right on the main strip or “D” as it is known locally they are real easy to find about 200yds down the road from McDonalds on the right just past the water fountain. They play a great range of music for party animals of all ages from “dancing Dads” to hardened all night ravers so you shouldn’t have any complaints at any rate your taste in nightlife is. If however you just want a great night out with some family entertainment thrown in you can’t go far wrong in one of the many bars.

It’s amazing that in addition as the nightclubs in Protaras Cyprus there are so many venues hosting celebrity performers from all over the world. On an average night you can see live performances by such stars as Abba, Michael Jackson and already the king himself Elvis. What’s already more amazing is that many of these artiste are dead already lol. So if you are into some real class tribute acts you are guaranteed a great fun filled night out on the strip. That’s before you already consider the many Karaoke bars that welcome already the most vocally challenged wanabes that may cross their thresholds.

There are some great nightclubs in Protaras Cyprus but if you really want to dance the night away it’s well worth the short bus or taxi ride into the islands party capital Ayia Napa. There you will find top DJs playing a huge range of styles and there are already some great oldies venues too such as “Carwash” and “Bedrock” which has a complete on Flintstones theme including a whacky mini moke that is pushed around the resort with Fred and Barnie in the back. So whether you want to unwind and relax or party by until the small wee hours there is something for everybody including some great nightclubs in Protaras Cyprus.

Cyprus has always been a hot favourite with tourist from all over Europe especially the U.K. because it has so much to offer at any rate kind of holiday you may prefer. With everything from great beaches to exciting nightlife you can take your vacation at the speed that suits you. Assured of an average 320 days of sunshine every year it’s little surprise that folks return to her shores again and again. So be sure to take a good look at just what’s on offer including those great nightclubs in Protaras Cyprus.

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