No Credit Check Student Loans

No Credit Check Student Loans

Under no credit check student loans, credit is given for a definite purpose and for a predetermined period. typically, these loans are repayable in installments. Funds are required for single non-repetitive transactions and are withdrawn only once. If the student needs funds again or wants a renewal of an existing loan, a fresh request is made to the bank. consequently, a student is required to negotiate every time he is taking a new loan or renewing an existing loan. The banker is at liberty to grant or refuse such a request depending upon his own cash resources and the credit policy of the bank.

As the time of repayment of the loan or its installments is fixed in improvement for student loans, this system ensures a greater degree of self-discipline on the borrower as compared to the cash credit system. Whenever any loan is granted or its renewal is sanctioned, the banker gets the opportunity to automatically review the loan account. Unsatisfactory loan accounts may be discontinued at the discretion of the banker. The system is comparatively simple. Interest accrues to the bank on the complete amount lent to a student.

Every time a loan is required, it is to be negotiated with the banker. To avoid it, students may borrow in excess of their exact requirements to provide for any contingency. edges have no control over the use of funds borrowed by the student. However, edges insist on hypothecation of the asset purchased with the loan amount. Though student loans are for fixed periods, in practice they roll over, i.e., they are renewed frequently. Loan documentation is more comprehensive as compared to cash credit system. Under the cash credit system, the banker specifies a limit for each customer, up to which the customer is permitted to borrow against the security of tangible assets or guarantees.

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