North Texas families find different ways to beat extreme heat

ARLINGTON, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) — People across North Texas found ways to beat the extreme heat throughout the weekend. 

After experiencing just a few seconds of the extreme heat outside, the Douglas family made a plan. 

“It’s so hot,” Evelyne Douglas, 5, said. “I wanted to go to the pool. It feels like, sooo comfortable.”

The splash pad was the way to go for not only the Douglas family but several other people who live in the area too. 


The Douglas family, like many others, decided the splash pad was the way to go.

Other families had different plans.

“We’ve got our umbrellas, we’ve got lots of ice water, we’ve got misty fans that we brought for our boys and their soccer team,” parent Adam Rothey said 

The Rotheys have everything they need for their son’s soccer game. This was day two of games out in the heat.


“Were just a little bit shocked at the heat wave we have right now but we’re lasting,” mother Linda Rothey said. 

The majority of the crowd had a drink and camped out in the shade. They said it’s no way to get around the fact that it’s hot, but they’re happy to see their kids having fun. 

“The kids are having a good time, and being safe – you know, as much as we can – but they’re not complaining… so that’s good,” Adam said. 

As people find ways to beat the heat now, many are worried about the future.

“Now it’s already 100º, it makes me think that the summer’s going to be more more brutal,” Douglas said. 

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