Numerology Compatibility With Life Path Number 2

1 and 2:

The nice thing about this combination is that one will be a leader and another will be a follower. A 2 is often submissive to a 1 and may endeavor to change his or her complete life in order to be with the submissive 1. However although the 2 does not mind being the strength behind the throne she or he may feel hurt by the 1’s total’s attention to his or her career.

It may also be quite hard for the 2 to understand why the 1 must include an complete community in his or her relationship. 2’s thrive on one on one interactions and the 1’s love the spotlight. The 2 may be a nest for the 1 only to find out that he or she is never home to enjoy it.

2 and 2:

These 2 understand each other completely. If there is any problem at all with the relationship it is that they may get too close and exclude the outside world altogether. However in general this is a perfect pairing in which to others the two lovers will seem like “two peas in a pod.” They are such soulmates that they may already look alike!

The only danger of this combination is codependency. One 2 will not leave another no matter how badly the other is behaving. The consequence can be an abusive relationship. This associate may be so concentrated on each other that it is suffocating. Although infidelity is scarce in these relationships, alcoholism and other problems are not. Two 2’s together may feel like they are somehow retained together in a situation that will never have any resolution.

2 and 3:

If the 2 is devoted enough to the 3 then this relationship can work. Like the 1 relationship, the 2 has to settle for being in the background or just being the strength behind the throne. However for this to work it must be understood completely that the 2 is working in the service of the 3 and otherwise does not have a life. As most 2’s love this kind of devotion it can work quite well.

The main problem with this relationship is likely to be infidelity. A 3 finds it hard to settle down to with just one person and most of them and may feel quite smothered by the 2. It is possible in addition that the 2 may be slightly more in love with the 3 than vice versa. Furthermore the 2 may feel regularly threatened by the popularity and social invitations that seem to come naturally to a 3.

2 and 4:

A 4 usually leads a fairly challenging life and benefits greatly from the care of a loving 2. The 2 likes to have a mission when it comes to people and they make a good rescuer for the 4. This is good for the 4 who does not have to worry about being abandoned by the 2.

The upside for the 2 about being with a 4 is that they are so unfortunate in one way or another that the 2 never has to worry about the 2’s worst nightmare – infidelity. The 4 will always be too busy, too challenged or too needy to be unfaithful and others will not usually see the 4 partners as appropriate.

2 and 5:

The 5 is not the best romantic combination as the 2 usually wants to make a nest and settle down to and the 5 may be more into travel and adventure. Many 2’s may feel attracted to 5’s because they are so romantic and dashing but the problem is that the 5 is more destined to have a series of relationships instead of just 1 during the complete course of a life.

Although these two numbers get along, the 2 will often feel lonely as the 5 may never be at home. Furthermore a 5 may never be able to supply the 2 with the emotional reassurance that the relationship will last forever.

2 and 6:

This is not a bad combination as both numbers are very family oriented. This is definitely a pairing that can consequence in children and a happy marriage with a long line of descendents.

The problem with this combination is usually due to a family member that somehow serves to distract the 6 from his relationship with a 2. Usually this problem manifests as a needy ex-spouse that drains financial resources, an overbearing parent or a situation where the 2 and 6 are destined to live with the extended family. This does not make the 2 that happy because they like all of the focus to be on them.

2 and 7:

Although it does not seem like this relationship can work, it does sometimes. The introverted 7 often brings out the nurturer in the 2. The 2 may make drawing the often shy 7 out of his or her shell a life-long noble mission. Or the 2 may decide that it is worth sacrificing intimacy and emotional gratification in order to sustain a genius.

For the most part 2’s and 7’s really don’t get along that well as the 2 usually becomes impatient with the bright 7’s emotional retardation. The 7 may also feel that the 2’s reliance on feeling is too much or not be interested in the 2’s desire to have children.

2 and 8:

2’s and 8’s make great partners. This is because both are completely into the concepts of mating for life and building a foundation that will last a lifetime. The consequence of this union is usually wealth, health, wealth and lots of children.

The only downside is that sometimes the 8 gets too busy to use a lot of time with the 2 which can make the 2 feel lonely. An 8 may feel sometimes smothered by a 2 who is asking them to drop their ambitions for a few hours so the two can use more quality time together.

1 and 9:

A 9 is a challenging relationship for a 2 mainly because a 9 is so self-absorbed that there is little room for the 2’s needs and concerns. Although a 9 is a spiritual number it can also signify a person who is moody, troubled and faced with a difficult path in life that in some ways qualifies it as more of a loner number.

Usually with a 2 and a 9 the 2 becomes some kind of phase in the 9’s life. Usually the thing that splits them up is some form of jealousy, addiction or codependency.

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