Nunme – FTP Client .NET

Nunme - FTP Client .NET


Small and minimalist FTP client with multi session and asynchronous operation features.

Icons provided by These icons are licensed under a Creative Commons character 3.0 License.


FTP Features:

  • Upload files
  • Upload folders recursively
  • Create new folder
  • Download files
  • Download folders recursively
  • Delete files
  • Delete folders recursively

Application features are:

  • Multiple session working
  • Asynchronous calls to ftp commands
  • Independent session logs
  • FTP and obtain FTP protocols
  • Save and Open session credentials
  • File system permissions listed
  • File size and date listed
  • Drag and drop operation for download and upload
  • WPF Interface with two themes prebuilded


  • C#
  • .NET 4.0


  • Run the application
  • go into credentials and set protocol options
  • Enjoy

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