Online Hotels

Online Hotels

It’s hard to find anyone who hasn’t booked a hotel online nowadays. Thanks to hotel reservation sets, you receive the additional convenience of complete room photos and hotel tours, discount specials, and last-minute booking capabilities if you just find out you’re leaving on a business trip to LA tomorrow. But, before choosing an online hotel booking site, consider these pointers.

o Hotel Selection-If you’re booking ahead, look for a service that offers you the most extensive room listings on your designated travel dates. A search for a room in New York this fall on the website yielded hundreds of page results!

o Trip Cancellations-Make sure you know the site’s policy on reservation cancellations and refunds. Some sets like allow you to cancel anytime in the event that ‘something suddenly came up.’

o Reviews-Look for a site that provides a plethora of reviews from customers with firsthand experience. Trip Advisor, for example, boasts millions of personal recollections of dream hotel stays and nightmare visits alike.

o Room Photos & gives you 360-degree virtual tours, on top of photographs of standard rooms and suites. You’ll know exactly what you’re getting before you throw down the cash.

Whether you’re planning a weekend snowboarding trip in Denver this winter or wish to try out a local bed and breakfast, the best hotel booking sets will make planning your stay a cinch. As always, book early and keep your eyes peeled for special room rates. It isn’t uncommon for a room at some five star stunner to last insignificant hours if it’s on sale. You’ll be surprised at how much you can save when booking online.

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