Online Marketing for a Law Firm – Techniques That Will excursion in the Clients

Online Marketing for a Law Firm – Techniques That Will excursion in the Clients

Online marketing for a law firm is a great way for your practice to find new clients. With so many people spending an increasing amount of time online, they would also likely use the Internet to look for a lawyer if they need one, instead of using traditional techniques such as opening the yellow pages. And a search engine optimized website allows visitors to get an idea of what your firm can offer them in addition as giving them an easy way to contact you once they realize how you can help them resolve their legal problems.

The first step in effective online marketing for a law firm is to decide what identity your firm has, and what law firm clients it wants to attract, since this will dictate your website design. For example, if you mostly deal with corporations, you might want a website that offers a more conservative design with photos of the lawyers in formal dress, which is intended to communicate to possible clients that you are trustworthy. If your firm wants to reach out to the man on the street that might be defending himself against a DUI charge, then you might opt for a more casual design intended to assure clients that hiring lawyers need not be a daunting course of action, with photos of smiling people on the home page.

The next step is to fill your website with useful content based on what particular area of the law your firm specializes in. For example, if you focus on corporate law, you should include articles that stress how knowledgeable your firm is about this legal field and what you have to offer. If you are offering your sets to ordinary people with legal problems, then you might want to offer short posts or already videos on areas of the law that these people might frequently run into, such as drunk driving or traffic violations. You can then end the articles or videos with a call to action asking readers to call your office so you that can discuss how to help them resolve their problems.

Once you are satisfied with your website design, you can start using SEO online marketing for a law firm techniques to help it rank high on search engine results pages. Remember, if you rank within the top three or top five, you are more likely to see people click on your links, since most of them will not bother to go to the bottom of the results pages. You can do this by focusing on keywords that leads will likely be searching for, which will be your firm’s area of specialization, plus the area where your firm is located. So for example, if your firm specializes in defending those charged with driving under the influence and you are based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, you might target this keyword, DUI lawyer Cedar Rapids Iowa. Make sure you use this keyword in the header of your homepage and target a keyword density of about 3% of total information count. You can then use secondary keywords such as Cedar Rapids DUI attorney in the secondary web pages.

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