Ouija Board Dangers

Ouija Board Dangers

One of the world’s greatest paranormal mysteries… how can a board permit communication with spirits?

In 1977 I took part in a Ouija board seance and without doubt witnessed spirit communication, which produced a year I would never forget – one because of this, and the other… it was the year of Princess Diana’s death here in the UK.

I researched this so called game for many years after my experience and I would like to proportion with you, ‘Ouija board dangers’ and what you could be potentially up against, if you decide that the temptation to dabble with one is too great!


The Ouija board was invented in America with a device called, a ‘planchette’ – meaning ‘little plank’.

The board is almost heart shaped and the planchette moves around this. At the time of its making there were two castor’s underneath the planchette, which rotated once a pencil was placed at the tip.

Annoyingly for the players, the messages were often difficult to comprehend and were very time consuming. Because of this, a whole large number of different types of communication were being developed, but without much success at that time.

E.C Reich – a carpenter from the USA, then developed a lap top wooden board. He carved out the alphabet in a curve around the top of the board and then produced another straight line underneath, with the numerals o-9 engraved. Reiche etched the words ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ in each bottom corner. He then replaced the pencil with an additional coaster, which gave the board more definition to the bottom of the heart shape. This then acted as the pointer as the planchette moved to each letter. (NB: some boards nowadays have the ‘yes’ and ‘no’ at the top)

The plancehtette’s ease of movement and communication resulted in a major breakthrough with spiritual contact.

Great possible was envisaged for this product when Reiche then sold his business to two of his friends called, Charles Kennard and William Maupin, who began marketing the Ouija board in 1886.

In 1892 William Fuld took over the business development and afterward changed the name to ‘Ouija Novelty Co’.

The Ouija board took off to such an extent with Fuld (and later his brother’s input), that it remained successful for the next 35 years. By 1920 it was believed to have made over £1m profit and was also credited as being William Fuld’s invention…a claim Fuld quite rightly denied.

Remarkably, in 1927 it was reported that Fuld committed suicide (aged 57 years old) by jumping off the Baltimore building (where his factory was based). This then gave the Ouija board an already more sinister allurement. However, other accounts stated that Fuld had fallen from the building whilst leaning against a railing, which afterward gave way and led to his death.

in any case the reason for Fuld’s death, the business was closest taken over by his children, Catherine and William A. Fuld who continuted to market this phenomenum until ‘Parker Bros’ took over in 1942.

Spirit communication similar to the Ouija has been used for centuries, already before the time of Christ. Its popularity is almost certainly due to the high and regular success rate with spirit communication.

However, people who use Ouija boards, or conduct séances without protection are ultimately sitting targets for psychic attacks, with a huge risk of attracting dangerous – ‘non-human’ energies, such as demons. It is believed that a demon’s ultimate goal is to free itself from its miserable existence and to go into into ours – by any method possible.

A Ouija board acts like a beacon of light, which reaches astral dimensions – once a game is in progress. This then becomes a portal of access for anything to come ‘unintentionally’ invited into our existence. Once in, this energy will attach itself to the most unprotected person playing the game…usually the most naive to the Ouija’s capabilities.

The Ouija board is one of the most dangerous occult games to ‘play’ and has caused many people to encounter horrendous paranormal occurrences. I was lucky enough to escape with just the terrible memory of my experience, which will keep etched in my subliminal and unforgiving conscious for the rest of my life.

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