Petroleum Calculation and Bunker Surveyor Portable Tools

Petroleum is a very important and crucial product that can only be found in certain parts of the World. It takes lots of time, energy and money to acquire it. After obtaining it, it needs to go by lots of processes to get the right fuel. During these processes, Engineers ensure that the right quality and quantity is obtained. The only way to do it is by calculation and testing. Presently, everything is done by computer. The Engineers at the Oil Rigs ensure the Oil is accounted for after the rigging. No doubt that Chief Officers and Chief Engineers do a good job, but the Ship owners’ want to ensure that there is no loss during the move from the Oil Rigs to the Ships. consequently they use an independent party who are the Petroleum Surveyors to ascertain the total and final quantity and quality after the move.

All of this needs accurate calculation, time and professionalism. Most of these calculations were done using the old Basic Programs with the Casio FX795P, FX880P and Sharp PB1000. All of these are out of use and the Basic Programs are now not in use. It took a lot of time for our Engineers to come up with these excellent programs, specially used by Ship Masters, Chief Engineers, 2nd Engineers, Chief Officers, 2nd Officers, Petroleum and Bunker Surveyors and also office staff.

The Casio fx9860G Slim is the latest and most inventive form that can sustain these excellent programs. All these programs are done in Spread Sheet which is as good as Microsoft Excel. All the programs are according to American Petroleum Institute (API) standard. With the old Casio’s a mistake cannot be rectified closest but with the Casio fx9860G Slim, a mistake is not a problem, all you need to do is go to that Cell and change it and it’s done. This is applicable to any program that you are working on. A complete instruction sheet is included in the package.

With the Casio fx9860G Slim, no calculation is left unsolved, you can already use it in a poorly lit location with the built in Light. The Casio fx9860G Slim is lightweight, lasting, affordable and it is powered by 2 Batteries which are included. Programs will not be disrupted when changing batteries. These 25 programs are used worldwide by the Petroleum Industry and have been complimented over and over by all who are using it.

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