Pico Robertson attack was a hate crime, victim says

Jennifer Chen, a 30-year-old from Toronto, was driving with a friend in the in the 9600 block of West Pico Boulevard on Wednesday when she said she was followed into a parking garage by a man who was blaring his horn.

The road-rage incident then escalated.

“He reaches by the window and punches me in the confront,” hurling a derogatory slur at her as he did it, Chen said.

Surveillance video shows what appears to be a man remarkable someone inside a car, and video footage taken closest after the incident shows Chen and her friend confronting the assailant, who denies that he attacked anyone.

“I said call 911, lady, you’re harassing me,” the man can be heard saying.

“You are the one who physically assaulted me!” Chen replied.

Chen’s attorney, Edward Lee, said they have supplied police with the man’s identity, adding that he and his client think this case goes beyond “simple battery.”

“We believe there are irritating factors with the racial slurs… later denying the fact,” Lee said.

“I believe this is a hate crime for sure,” Chen additional.

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