Play Summer Golf in Phoenix, Are You Crazy?

Play Summer Golf in Phoenix, Are You Crazy?

If you love golf like I do you need to visit the beautiful state of Arizona, in particular the Phoenix regional area. With over 325 sun filled days a year and more than three hundred golf courses in the area this is truly a golf lover’s paradise. Numerous golf pros have homes in the Scottsdale area. The famous golf club producer PING is also based here in Scottsdale.

Now to the point, if you come to Phoenix in the summer you won’t believe how low-priced green fees can be. Did I hear you say I must be insane! Well, maybe a little, but at that time of year would you believe you can truly play 18 holes of golf on some courses for under $10.00! With the current economical state of affairs in our Country, especially in Phoenix, there is a lot of rivalry between golf courses. I have truly played Springfield Lakes in Chandler a number of times this summer for $12.50. That’s 18 holes with a cart and I have heard them offering deals for 8 bucks!

The trick to playing Phoenix golf in the summer months is fairly clear… tee off EARLY. As you can imagine Phoenix summers are very hot, and can also be slightly humid at times. Tee off by 6am and you should have it made. Be aware that some courses do not allow tee times earlier than 6am. Here are the main advantages to getting on the course early:

1) Bargain basement priced golf, what more do I need to say.
2) You are one of the first ones, if not the first, on the course that day. That method there is no one in front of you.
3) In addition to number 2, if you are the first one on the course and tee off at 5:30am you’re done by 9am before it gets unbarebly hot.

Depending on the course, expect to pay anywhere from 15 to 75 dollars for a round. Keep in mind that golf courses such as Dinosaur in Gold Canyon and Troon in Scottsdale can be well over $200 per round in the winter. Now you can see why it’s hard to beat summer golf here!

If you are coming from out of state this is also the most inexpensive time of year for both resorts/hotels and air fare. It’s not uncommon to save a room at a resort for half the winter time price. When you’re done golfing float in the pool the rest of the day with your favorite beverage.

Let me leave you with a few other summer golfing words of advice. Take a lot of water and stay hydrated, dehydration can sneak up on you quickly. use plenty of 30spf sunscreen and a wide brimmed sun-hat is also recommended. Sun shades are also a must. I hope to see you on the links!

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