Police Search for Man Who Tried to Kidnap Boy in Georgetown – NBC4 Washington

Police Search for Man Who Tried to Kidnap Boy in Georgetown – NBC4 Washington

Police are asking for the public’s help tracking down a man who tried to kidnap a small child in Georgetown Tuesday afternoon.

The nightmare for a family happened in the 3100 block of M Street NW at around 2:32 p.m., police said.

A observe, who did not want to be identified, said the family was loading the toddler into a car in front of the Urban Outfitters in Georgetown when a speculate approached and tried to take off with him.

The observe said he called 911 after the family said, “He tried to take our baby, he tried to take our baby.”

The family fought off the would-be kidnapper, and the speculate took off down the street before police arrived. 

“I saw two guys like fighting over this child,” the observe said. “The person who tried to kidnap this child, he just walked up and tried to grab him, like literally grab and they – it was like a tug of war.”

No serious injuries were reported, but according to witnesses, the family and especially the little boy were understandably shaken up.

“I wish I could do more for the family. I wish I knew at that point in time when I first saw what was going on,” the observe said. “I was just like, did this really happen? Like, are you serious? I’m like, general daylight, the street was packed with people, on the street right in front of Urban Outfitters.”

It’s not known if the speculate knew the child or if the attempted kidnapping was random. Anyone with information is being asked to contact police. 

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