polluted Tap Water Can Potentially rule to Leukemia

polluted Tap Water Can Potentially rule to Leukemia

While consuming eight glasses of water is nevertheless highly recommended, where you get that water from is crucial. Many are inclined to go to the faucet and poor themselves a glass of tap water. Unfortunately, tap water simply is not safe to drink. While there are countless toxins within tap water, many do not realize how many chemicals are in the water and what kind of damage it can potentially cause.

Water contamination is one of America’s number one health problem because of the insignificant fact that 70% of our body is water. We need it co cleanse our system and flush out all of the toxins. By pouring more toxins and chemicals into your body with tap water, you are only doing more damage than good.

According to the New York Times, violations of the Clean Water Act and state anti-pollution statues have risen drastically across the nation in recent years. With these violations has come an increase in the levels of unhealthy chemicals that have been found in drinking water. Possible illnesses that have been consistent from drinking polluted water include leukemia, lung cancer, brain cancer, birth defects and respiratory disorders.

Researchers have found that an estimated 10% of Americans have been exposed to water that has contained dangerous chemicals. The scary part is experts are concerned that the level of unhealthy toxins in public drinking water is only rising. Researchers found an average of 200 industrial chemicals and pollutants in umbilical cord blood samples with 10 babies that were born in 2004.

While there are several toxins that are dangerous that can be connected to tap water, one of the more dangerous ones to look out for is Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether. This is a gasoline additive that gas companies have been using since the 1980s. This has been a known water contaminant in over 1,800 communities in the U.S. and at the minimum 29 states. The EPA released a statement in 2005 linking this to leukemia and lymphoma.

Because of rapid industrialization in the United States over the last century, numerous chemicals and by-products have been released into the ecosystem. As a consequence, this has polluted a large amount of drinking water. The EPA is doing what it can to control known possible contaminants, but there is nevertheless a large amount of pollution that goes on. While leukemia is a scary consequence that can come from polluted drinking water, this is just one of the many dangerous effects that can occur. It is vital you stick to clean, fresh water as it can potentially save your life.

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