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2 medicine Panshiron G 48 follicles DKDM10036

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Heartburn, abdomen ache, acid indigestion, burping (belching), Nomisugi, nausea (upset upset-hangover-hangover, nausea), vomiting, abdomen discomfort, overeating, indigestion, selling digestion, lack of urge for food (lack of urge for food), dyspepsia, heavy abdomen, Ikasane, lodged chest, abdomen, stomach bloating”Panshiron G 48 packaging” is, antacid, digestion, is a gastrointestinal medicine for the aim of abdomen. 3 varieties of fast-acting antacid and one consistent antacid agent, modificated to a quick-long continuous acidity within the abdomen, take away the discomfort. In addition, proteolytic enzyme, by the motion of the starch degrading enzyme, improve digestion, it will likely be thought of as frivolously clear the burden on the abdomen. In addition, to revive the perform of the abdomen weakened abdomen natural medication, to restore the abdomen tough in consuming an excessive amount of gastric mucosa repairing agent L- glutamine. ? melts a fast, straightforward consuming granular

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