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EYEDDiCT by FAIRY Color Contacts1 DayPrescription No Prescription10Lenses DKDM00223

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? Advanced Management Medical Equipment Approval Number?22800BZX00253A03? Moisture Content?38.0%? Lens Diameter?DIA??13.5mm? Lens BC?BC??8.7mm? Power?PWR??±0.00? -9.00? Duration of Use: 1 Day? Number Per Box?10? Vendor: Sincere? Manufacturer: Sincere? Manufactured In: Taiwan? Intended Use: Single-use Contact Lense for Vision CorrectionMake your eyes extra expressive by the the magic of coloured contacts!EYEDDiCT coloration contact lenses assist you to be extra female and enticing by giving your eyes pretty brown colours!Unlike another manufacturers, our contact lenses may give you plumped, glowing eyes and concurrently make them look larger whereas sustaining the expression and liveliness of your eyes!Ultraviolet radiation not solely can harm your pores and skin, however your eyes too.EYEDDiCT’s UV safety lenses are designed to cut back “ultraviolet B rays”, which causes spots, wrinkles and sagging pores and skin, as much as about 95%.It comprises two sorts of moisturizing elements (HPMC and PEG) and really snug to make use of??Contact lenses are specifically managed medical units. Please use them correctly by following your optometrist’s directions.?UV safety contact lenses can’t be used as a substitute of UV safety sun shades.MODEL: Rio UchidaDaily Disposal 1 Day/ 1 day/ 10 PcsLenses of Proper Size that Fit Well with Your EyesThe dimension of EYEDDiCT contact lenses is 14.2mm, and the graphic diameter is 13.5mm.It goes nicely with pure make-up and provides a softer impression to your confront.#01 Umber BrightSparkling AmberGives your eyes a transparent, light impression whereas making them look pure with its clear and lighter brown in addition as darkish brownish inexperienced that blends nicely with the pure coloration of your eyes.#02 Winter LeafAchieve a Deep and Elegant Look The darkish navy inexperienced coloration makes your eyes look clearer, softer and extra elegant by including an ethereal impact.#03 Baby TwinGet Plump and Attractive EyesMild brownish gradational coloration makes your eyes look enticing by offering a correct quantity of moisture. #04 Burgundy LostProvide a Three Dimensional Effect and Radiance to Your EyesDarkish brown coloration creates three-dimensional impact, and light-weight brown coloration of the internal facet of the lens makes your eyes sparkle and extra enticing.#05 Midnight SheerGive Your Eyes a Dignified, Sophisticated Look Chic grey and beige colours give a radiance and three-dimensional impact to the eyes.#06 Dusty NudeApply an Edgy, Clear Impression to Your EyesA mix of darkish colours provides your eyes a complex, cool impression.?UV Protection ?Ultraviolet radiation not solely damages the pores and skin however eyes in addition.It is the reason for sunspots, wrinkles, and sagging pores and skin.These contacts defend your eyes from ultraviolet B raysProtection from ultraviolet radiation in your every day life is essential. Ultraviolet radiation may cause acute ultraviolet keratitis, cataracts, and different eye ailments. Ultraviolet A rays (long-wave) are stated to trigger wrinkles, sagging pores and skin, and different harm by reaching the internal a part of the pores and skin slowly in the long run.However, it’s weaker and has much less probabilities to trigger sudden pores and skin modifications (sunburn) than ultraviolet B rays.?Comfortable to make use of?Contains 2 sorts of elements and is snug to make use of Hydroxypropyl methylcelluloseHPMC (hydroxypropyl methylcellulose) is used for numerous cosmetics and for treating dry eyes as synthetic tears. HPMC coats the lens floor when put in a preservative resolution and makes it snug so that you can use.Polyethylene glycolContains PEG (Polyethylene glycol), which is water soluble and referred to as a base materials for ointments, lotions, and bathtub components. PEG and HPMC (moisturizing elements) are additionally included to alleviate a symptom of contact lens-related dryness. ?Graphic Diameter 13.5mm?Lenses of Proper Size that Fits Well with Your Eyes?Low Water Content 38.0%?Low Evaporation RateKeeps a correct quantity of moisture and protects your eyes from dryness.You can really feel snug carrying these lenses for a very long time.?Non-Ionic Lens?Nonionic MaterialHard to Get DirtyHard to get soiled and simple to be stored clear.Recommended for purchasers with pollen allergic reactions.?The construction was specifically designed in order that the coloured elements wouldn’t contact eyes straight?Utilizes a Sandwich Manufacturing MethodSpecially designed by a producing technique to maintain the coloured elements of the lens away from touching the cornea or eyelids straight, and to maintain the colours from melting.

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