Psychic Abilities – Precognition And The strength of Our Emotions

Psychic Abilities – Precognition And The strength of Our Emotions

Precognition is a kind of additional-sensory perception whereby an individual feels or senses an event before it truly takes place. Precognition is an experience which directly links to the outcome or series of future events. More often than not, precognition is an unexpected experience. For most people, this kind of psychic ability often happens when they are least expecting it.

Precognition frequently occurs during the dream state and many people fail to recognize precognitive significance until after an event has occurred. For many, precognition can be a frightening and surreal experience. This kind of psychic perception often gets discarded or ignored as most people disregard precognitive information as either being “just their imagination” or a dream emanating from their subconscious.

Precognition is also associated to one’s emotions and gut responses. This kind of psychic information is processed by sensing a future event or outcome. Often, precognitive information transpires by feelings of dread and fear. This is a gut reaction that often serves as a warning that something is not as it should be or that something foreboding is about to occur.

However, precognition certainly does not always imply that danger lies ahead. Because precognition is a kind of psychic ability that is largely associated to one’s emotions, precognitive experiences can manifest at any time and can pertain to any kind of future foretelling. The term for this kind of precognition is called presentience.

Like other psychic abilities, such as telepathy and clairvoyance, precognition most often occurs by our connections to other people. Precognition is most noticeable when something extreme is about to occur. clearly, this could cause extreme emotional responses and, in many circumstances, precognitive psychic experiences are only recognized during heightened emotional states.

For those people who have had precognitive psychic experiences, they already posses access to their psychic intuition. People that experience precognition tend to have strong clairsentient psychic skills. Clairsentience literally method “to feel”. These are individuals that can sense when things are happening to another person, particularly to those that they have strong attachments too. Just like all psychic abilities, clairsentience is a skill that can be developed and nurtured.

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