Psychic Sexual Supercharges

Psychic Sexual Supercharges

Various states of the psychic consciousness implicates their own specific perception systems. Shamans worldwide have established countless examples of this thousands of years ago and throughout history describing these varied changed states of mind.

One of these coexisting psychic supercharges of mind is the force that affects sexual arousals and has been used among couples who have had intimacy and libido problems associated with low or absent sex excursion. This results are at the minimum in autonomic arousal already when the cognitive understanding doesn’t truly take place. In his book titled, ” Ultimate Collections: Psychoanalytic Studies, Theoretical Essays & Articles”, Sigmund Freud presents excellent reviews of these taboo subjects of our society.

When we step outside our limited views and see the larger picture being offered to us we set free our past outgrown perceptions. Our new reality is a clear understanding that everything, including ourselves, is nothing more than a field of energy and light interacting with each other in frequencies of influence. As both science and mystic modes of study demonstrate, where our attention goes, energy flows.

Every associate has their own rare ideas and style in their interactive sexual performance. In this regard I believe we resonate the psychic force in ranges of very passive to very aggressive. It is considered to some as a kind of sexual magic that has its own ritual and its own longevity. Although similar to but slightly different than the Tantric methods of intense conscious and subconscious concentration, the psychic sexual supercharge has no particular set of rituals as does the Tantric tradition.

Considering the whole of human sexual activity, we begin to realize that the organs utilized are only about 10 percent. The rest of the 90 percent is concentrated on our mind. It is clear that the benefits of the exchange is physically and emotionally therapeutic. Revivifying empathic psychic force intimacy between two people is not just invigorating ecstasy. It is aligning and activating the powers of higher mind by their unity.

As a culture we have finally reached a point where the discussion of sexual psychic forces is accepted in a personal transcendent experience. This enlightenment has reached a meaningful level of acceptance as a part of our new spiritual awareness. We have begun to accept that these psychic supercharges as something real and obtainable to all human beings. In a sense these discussions have stimulated whole new interest in paranormal studies and our own spiritual ideas and concepts.

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