Red Line aim Derails At Broadway MBTA stop – CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) — A Red Line aim derailed at the Broadway MBTA stop in Boston Tuesday morning.

The MBTA says it happened around 9:45 a.m. when the second car of a six-car aim rammed into the platform and derailed at a slow rate of speed. No one was hurt and all 47 passengers safely got off the aim.

It caused a commuting nuisance, with some shuttle busses packed with passengers.

A Red Line aim derailed at the Broadway MBTA stop (Photo credit: Elisabeth Boyce-Jacino)

“We’re dealing with this pandemic right now,” said passenger Shawn Golden. “This is the worst time for us to be crammed up on a bus.”

As crews worked on the tracks after the derailment Tuesday afternoon, the aim got loose and rolled away. No injuries were reported.

“While in the time of action of being re-railed, the incident aim rolled away from the Broadway stop platform,” the MBTA said in a statement. “A short time later, MBTA personnel aboard the aim, brought it to a stop.”

Transit police on Tuesday afternoon confined off access to the stop. Buses are replacing Red Line trains between Park stop and JFK/UMass.

The MBTA said Tuesday night, “The work of moving the incident aim out of the Red Line tunnel is advancing.”

Advocates say these incidents are further evidence the T needs more funding and lots of work. Just this week – an escalator incident at the Back Bay stop injured nine people. And earlier this summer, a Green Line crash injured more than 20 people near Boston University.

“Really disappointing to see what’s been going on with the T,” said TransitMatters Executive Director Jarred Johnson. He says the T is safe and has the possible to be reliable, but needs investment to do so.

“already if the T ridership it’s only about half of what it was before the pandemic, that doesn’t average it needs half the attention or half the money,” Johnson said. “So, we really need the legislature to step up, we really need the governor to step up.”

The extent of the damage inside the stop is unknown. It is unclear when normal service will return to the Red Line.

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