Reduce Your Savannah, GA Vacation Costs With an Historic District Vacation Rental

Reduce Your Savannah, GA Vacation Costs With an Historic District Vacation Rental

Savannah, Georgia is one of the most desirable and easy vacation destinations. Its downtown Historic District is completely walkable and complete of Civil and Revolutionary war landmarks, rare shopping opportunities, and breathtaking Spanish Moss. But a trip to Savannah can be expensive. So consider staying in an Historic District vacation rental to reduce your lodging and food costs.

Since the downturn in the real estate market, many families who couldn’t sell their homes converted their houses into vacation rentals to pay the mortgage. consequently, there are plenty of beautiful vacation rentals obtainable in downtown Savannah.

These vacation rentals range in size from studios to houses that can adjust to 10 people. They are highly cost-effective for couples traveling with other couples, or families of three or more. In fact, they can cut your lodging expenses in half, compared to many Historic District hotels.

Vacation rentals also give you the complete taste of what it’s like to live in Savannah. They are often sandwiched in with residential character, so you’ll be side-by-side with complete-time Savannahnians. And, while there are exceptions to the rule, most Savannahnians are pretty friendly in character and are willing to help out a tourist find a place on a map, or recommend a good place to eat. (However, don’t be surprised if locals don’t know all the names of the Historic squares. While they pass them frequently, many don’t know the squares by heart).

Almost all vacation rentals are fully furnished, with fully equipped kitchens. So you can cook a several course dinner, or prepare a quick snack.

In fact, if you choose a vacation rental closer to Forsyth Park (the southern part of the Historic District), you’ll have a very easy walk to the Kroger grocery store on Gwinnett Street. That way, you can stock up on breakfast cereals, milk, sandwich meats and in any case else you need. You’ll also be able to walk to River and Bay Streets (which is North) where a lot of the shopping and tourist activities are.

Finally, most vacation rentals require a two-night minimum stay. They tend to book up for holidays, and they do get taxed like hotels. So make sure you ask if the fee includes both tax and a cleaning fee.

But most importantly, come to Savannah’s Historic District. It’s a wonderful place to visit for a weekend or longer. A vacation rental will make it already more enjoyable and affordable.

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