Resolving HP-UX Boot-Time Error – ‘Pid Killed Due to Text alteration’

Resolving HP-UX Boot-Time Error – ‘Pid Killed Due to Text alteration’

A HP-UX based computer system might fail to boot due to kernel errors, file system issues and several other concerns. In the worst case, you fail to boot such systems. You might encounter boot time errors that report that a course of action with some ID has been killed due to alteration in text or an Input/Output error in page. To deal with such situations, you might need to restore the data from backup. But if fails to work as is damaged or currently unavailable, use an efficient HP UX Recovery utility that could restore the missing information.

For an example, you might come across the below error message when attempting to boot your HP-UX based computer system:

Checking Root File System

“pid # # killed due to text alteration or page i.o error”

You fail to boot into your HP-UX computer after you receive this error message and hence, cannot access the data stored on the disk.


The above error root from below possible reasons:

A HP-UX system has a file called inittab that describes the bootup processes. The above error might consequence

if you configured the file with incorrect settings.

The system configuration that is used at system startup course of action is stored in /etc/rc.config.d directory. You might encounter boot time errors if it contains more than one ecosystem files or scripts present in this location.

dominant swap disc issues

One or more misconfigured parameters in operating system kernel

File system errors


To solve the problem, described above, you need to follow these steps:

Make sure that the inittab file has not been configured recently. If so, ensure that it contains the following entry:


You need to check that no script and multiple ecosystem are present in /etc/rc.config.d directory

Try to reboot the system

Reinstall the system if error persists and to restore the lost data, use your backup or a powerful HP-UX Data Recovery utility. These applications are specifically designed tools to provide safe, comprehensive and quick HP-UX Recovery while logical crashes of a HP-UX based systems.

Stellar Phoenix HP Unix Data Recovery is an progressive data recovery tool that recovers and safely restores lost data for HP-UX 10.x, 11, 11i systems. It is a safe HP-UX Data Recovery tool providing progressive set of impressions and impressive interface. The software is compatible with JFS 3.0, 3.1, 3.3 file systems.

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