Send Large Files

Send Large Files

Earlier move of large documents was not possible already by internet. Now you can easily use the help of so many sets by which you can not only send small documents and small video documents but also you can proportion large sized files with your friends and colleagues. We can send small sized files by e mails but it is not a good approach when you want to send a much bigger file. With the help of so many networking protocols and web hosting websites, file move of large sized documents have become very easy and functional both for the sender in addition as for the receivers.

Web hosting sets have attained a lot of popularity among people these days. People are finding it more functional and easy way for transferring a large file. There are so many websites where you have to first get registered and then you can enjoy their file storage sets. You can start uploading the file and once the file upload is finished they will provide you a link which can be used as a sharing link among the people with whom you want to proportion the files. There are so many websites which provide such sets like,,,,,, and Each of these sites provide different file proportion limit. In there is an advantage that you don’t have to wait for certain limit to set off so that you can upload or download a next file. Also according to me there is no file sharing limit in this website.

The website which provides you maximum file sharing storage is and this is one of my recent favourites. You can store up to 1 gigabyte of documents on this website. Some of the websites mentioned above will delete the file if no move is taking place. The time limit varies for different sites. But in, once you uploaded the files it will keep there permanently. You don’t have to upload it again as there is no question of deleting that file. These files can also be transferred directly to tour blog where people visiting your blog can by the documents you have shared. This is quite impressive features has come up with.

You can also move large files by different networking protocols such as FTP, SCP and SFTP etc. SCP file move is possible only when your operating system is UNIX. You have however another option of file move by LAN which enables file sharing between the users of the same locality. No internet connection is required and also file move is much faster.

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