Seven Reasons You Should Get a Home Inspection

Seven Reasons You Should Get a Home Inspection

You might not think a home inspection is that important, but it can be one of the best things you can do for your investment. In addition to alerting you to any problems your home currently has, an inspection can also warn you about problems you could encounter in the future. As a consequence, it could save you from making a very costly investment without considering how much more money you’ll need to put into the house in the near future. If you’re considering buying a new home, here are seven reasons you should consider getting a home inspection to protect the biggest investment of your life.

Home inspectors know the laws. When you hire a private home inspector, you can be assured that they will check for anything that doesn’t meet the latest codes. Since they know about county, city and state regulations, they will alert you if anything needs to be fixed or replaced in order to bring it up to code. They’ll check the plumbing, electrical system, overall structure and everything else to ensure you’re making a good investment.

Home inspectors can see current and future problems. If there’s a crack in the home’s foundation, a home inspector will be able to see that and warn you that it will be a costly problem in the future. They can also tell you if the hot water heater will need to be replaced any time soon or if there are any other problems on the horizon.

A home inspection provides peace of mind. Since the home inspector checks the wiring, the plumbing and everything else in the house, you can rest easy in your new home knowing that everything is working properly. You can be assured that there won’t be any faulty wiring problems causing a fire or a bad pipe causing your home to flood. As long as you keep with the proper home maintenance throughout the years, you can be sure everything will continue to perform properly.

A home inspector can find the critters. To the untrained eye, things like termites and ants aren’t noticeable. But with a home inspector’s experience and keen observation skills, they can tell if your possible house has a termite or insect problem. Insects aren’t a big problem, but termites could ruin the foundation or structure of the home in a short time.

Get problems fixed before you buy. When you opt for a home inspection, you can either decide to buy the house or not buy it based on the findings. If the inspector finds some things wrong, you can also ask the sellers if they’d like to fix it if you agree to buy it. That can save you thousand of dollars in repairs.

The home inspector will look by the attic. The inspector can tell a lot about the house from looking at the attic. The attic can show any past fire damage or any possible problems with the roof that could happen in the near future. The attic will also show if there’s been any problems with rodents and if the house is properly insulated for maximum efficiency.

Sellers are sometimes unaware of problems. Although sellers are typically required by state law to disclose any problems with the house, they can’t give you that information if they don’t know of any problems. With a home inspector, you can be sure of learning about any problems before making that important investment.

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