Solar Panel Diagram – What You Need to Make Solar strength For a Home

Solar Panel Diagram – What You Need to Make Solar strength For a Home

Solar panel diagram is not complicate. You can do it by yourself without a lot of problem. You can buy all the related parts from your local hardware stores. In this article, we will give you what you need in order to connect and make your solar panels on your own.

Here are the elements that you can use in your solar panel diagram. If you have all these parts, you can make your own solar panel.

1 Solar Cells

The solar cells transform sunlight directly into electricity. The cells are formed in module. All the modules are connected together. The solar cells are shown on your roof top. However, it is not the only part. You nevertheless need other elements to make it work.

2 An inverter

The inverter converts the DC electricity into AC electricity for your home use.

3 Wiring

The wire will help you connect various elements together. You can use the wire to also connect to utility grid If you want to proportion or sell the electricity. This depends on the size of your house and how you want the electricity to be laid out.

4 Batteries

You can have batteries to store the electricity which is made by your panels for using at night and for emergency use. You can also place the batteries where you don’t have the reach of electricity line.

5 Charge controller

The controller is for protecting the system from being overcharged or having the electricity which is drawn down too low.

6 Disconnect switches

They allow from the system to be turn off to provide safety during maintenance or emergencies.

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