Soldier Termite Pictures Can Help in Identifying Termites

Soldier Termite Pictures Can Help in Identifying Termites

Since termites are social insects, they have their own social castes which include the soldier termites. These soldier castes of termites are responsible for protecting the complete colony against termite predators, which are usually ants. Their structure is especially designed to serve their purpose of protecting their colony.

Unlike the worker termites, the termite soldiers cant satisfy on their own. This is the reason why these termites are being fed by termite workers.

Homeowners are often unaware of what a termite looks like and most of the time, they would mistake a termite for an ant. It is very important to be able to discriminate a termite because if termites are left untreated, your home will collapse in no time without you being aware of it. This can cause you a lot of money, which is why it is very important to prevent your house from being totally damaged by termites by early identification.

truly, termites of different types would typically have different characteristics, especially the soldiers. Each soldiers of each termite classification have varying characteristics that homeowners should be able to discriminate.

Generally, termite soldiers are not that easy to find unlike workers. However, once youve found the nest of the termites and you have caused a commotion, the soldier termites would closest appear. That is the main responsibility of soldiers. They are resisting any forms of invasion in their nest and they would attack in groups or batches.

The most shared specie of termite that attack homes would be the subterranean kind of termites. The soldiers of the subterranean classification of termites have large pincers and elongated head. They use their large elongated heads to protect their colony by blocking tunnels whenever there are possible invasions in their colony.

Another kind of termite that attacks the homes would be the Formosan termites. truly, the Formosan soldiers have a different description from the Subterranean. Soldier Formosan termites have a teardrop shaped head. They also have an opening on their heads to release secretions.

Dampwood termites are another classification of termites that attack homes. Aside from that, they live and work above the ground, making them exposed to a lot of dangers. This is the reason why the soldiers of the dampwood classification of termites are much bigger as compared to other classifications. The color of dampwood termites is also much darker as compared to the other classification of termites and this is because of the fact that they are working above the ground.

It would be helpful to check out various soldier termite pictures so that you can really differentiate each types of termites.

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