Tarot Symbolism

Tarot Symbolism

Is tarot a fabrication of great imaginations or a genuine way to seek guidance?

Universal in style and beliefs, definition of the tarot can be a mishmash of theories, mythology, religion, opinions, ideas, faith and intuition.

The secret of discovering the mystery of life depends on what you clarify with by an open heart and mind. Informative or quirky, you are the estimate? Listen, feel, see and enjoy the tarot journey by this profound and philosophical explanation.

  • Step one: Find the meaningful.
  • meaningful, what meaningful?
  • The meaningful to arcana!

Arcana, also spelt arcane is translated as understanding the mysterious language of the tarot. The hid code is hidden within a poetic movement based on symbolism.

signs represent an idea, action or quality. Symbolism is communication of the psyche. Whether you speak German, English or Chinese, doesn’t matter. Logos are global tools of communication, by objects that represent something to help you grasp a complicate situation.

Indirect suggestions come from the artwork on tarot cards. Visuals in the mind’s eye cause off creative strength, consequently, allowing ideas and messages to generate.

Picture-grams are the essence of tarot.

  • A dove is an advocate of serenity and calm. This gentle bird reflects a sense of hope, purity and aspirations. Doves could be illustrated in tarot cards, such as the Ace of Cups to predict fondness, devotion or tenderness.
  • The hand can represent strength, protection and generosity. The hand could belong to God or the universe and indicate a never ending supply of love.
  • Roses are fragile flowers capturing the essence of beauty. Pink roses have a connection to the heart and represent emotional love. White roses are pure desire; yellow for friendship and red for passion. Do not overlook the thorns of pain.
  • Olive leaves are a token of peace dating back to the biblical story of Noah’s Ark.
  • Surging water of cascades set the picture of flowing emotions.
  • Something is about to sprout or germinate when we see buds or shoots on a tarot card.
  • Mountains describe the vastness of our universe, the heights we can climb and infinite endurance. The virtue of patience and ability to confront challenges which consequence in attainment.
  • Nudity is metaphoric for both purity and truth.
  • Twelve stars as illustrated on the crown of the Empress correspond to the twelve zodiac signs and twelve months in our calendar year.

Metaphysics is the theoretical philosophy of being and knowing the personal reality of the mind. Spiritual beliefs can be based on recondite and general reasoning of the supernatural. complicate imagery and subtle thoughts are characterized by symbolism.

My gift to you is the meaningful of tarot; take it with the love it is given and open the windows for many souls.

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