Teaching English in the Heart of Mexico Part 2

Teaching English in the Heart of Mexico Part 2

In part one of this two-part article on English language teaching in the heart of Mexico, you were introduced to areas including Mexico City, Veracruz, Xalapa, Oaxaca and Guadalajara. More ELT opportunities in these regions follow here.

Culturlingua Zamora

Zamora, Michocan

TeleFax: 351- 515-3616, 351-515-1637

E – mail: [email protected]

Contact: Ms. Claudia Sahagun Jiménez, Director – Owner

Mr. Francisco Rodríguez, Administrative Director

Ms. Marta de Rodríguez, Teacher Coordinator (speaks English)

IMMEDIATE locaiongs for ESL Teachers are obtainable for the FALL of this year and SPRING of next year. Our Fall term includes a one week of arrangement/training, consequently applicants must be present in August. We have classes scheduled to begin in September. We have our WinterChristmas break from December 22nd to January 5th. Our Fall term is scheduled to be completed in February. Candidates with education/degree in teaching and/or similar field, prior teaching experience and/or prior international travel who are interested in joining our staff should email or fax their Cover Letter, Current begin again and Current passport or driving license photograph to us closest.

Applicants are asked to please include a daytime phone number, fax number and email with the time in which they are able to call you for a phone interview. Offered benefits include: 3,500 pesos per month salary (approximately 350 U.S. Dollars), free accommodation in fully furnished teachers residence or with a Mexican Family, paid water and electricity amenities, free Spanish classes, 2 weeks paid vacation during Winter-Christmas, along with 2 weeks paid vacation during Spring-Easter (for those who continue for the Spring term. Also offered are sick pay (if medical advice is sought and doctor’s orders are followed) and a return plane ticket from Guadalajara to U.S.A.Canada or equivalent upon completion of one year (Fall, Spring, and summer terms) contract.

Kiosk School of English

Edificio Hakim Desp. 912

Xalapa, Veracruz 91020

Telephone: 52 228 840-3332

Fax : 52 228 815-8791

Contact person: Eugenio Avalos, Director

This medium-sized, very friendly and supportive English School in Xalapa, capital of the state of Veracruz needs English teachers for locaiongs with flexible hours (changes monthly), friendly and talkative students. A TEFL qualification is preferred but not basic. English teachers must be creative and vigorous. Compensation is 35 pesos per hour, plus help finding accommodations. Assistance getting a Mexican Work Visa will be given to candidates who can commit to 6 months or more. Kiosk School of English in Xalapa was established in partnership with Kiosk Toronto in Canada and maintains strong links with it.

Many of our teachers at some point go to Toronto for a few months on exchange. Our staff of around 12 teachers is a blend of Mexican and internationals and our work ecosystem is friendly and supportive. The school has lots of teaching resources. Xalapa is a university town of about 120,000 people, located between the hot coast of Veracruz and the colder highlands of central Mexico. It`s temperate climate, closeness to many small colonial towns and national cloud-forest park make it a very pleasant place to live.

The American School of Tampico Language Institute

E. Azcarraga 208

Colonia Campbell

Tampico, Tamaulipas 89260

E – mail: [email protected]

Contact: Leticia Orozco, Director

This private language institute is looking for qualified ELT professionals to teach English to Mexican students and professionals. Their minimum qualifications are for a

Native English speaker between 25 and 45 years of age, preferably a single female with a CELTA, TEFL undergraduate degree or equivalent. Having an M.A. is desirable, but not basic. Applicants should also have at the minimum two years EFL/ESL experience teaching adults and teens, preferably overseas; basic computer skills, be sociable, dynamic and adaptable and be willing to work as part of a team. They must be amenable to a divided schedule (early mornings, evenings) and Saturday mornings. Only candidates meeting the above requirements need apply. E-mail your begin again and photo or send a hard copy along with a recent photo by messenger service (DHL or Federal Express) to the above address. An e-mail address and/or a telephone number must be included since you might be contacted for a telephone interview.

The American School of Tampico Language Institute is a non-commercial, prestigious institution with a Self-Access Center and over 1000 students. The courses are learner-centered, communicative and cover all skills. This complete-time position is for 30 hours a week of on-campus time, including up to 25 contact teaching hours. There are a few classes for children and young teens, but the students are mostly young adults and specialized people. The staff includes a few Americans and Canadians and several local teachers. They function on a four month term system all year round. The salary and benefits offered are: $12,000 U.S. dollars for 12 months paid in pesos, roundtrip airfare from Canada or the U.S. , Major medical insurance plan, FM – 3 working visa paid, Free Spanish classes at the institute, Furnished housing and a social/health Club membership.

Be sure to check out my other articles in the two continuing series: Teaching English in Mexico and Traveling in Mexico. If you would like more information, have questions or comments, the author can be e-mailed; see address below.

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