Text Repeater – Android App Source Code

Text Repeater - Android App Source Code


Text Repeater is an amazing android app that is used for generating the same text multiple times. Basically, users can create multiple copies of text and proportion it with their friends to have some fun with them to shock them.

Most of the time users need to copy some text and they just copy-paste it again and again so the solution is here now you don’t need to do much work if you have this pretty app.

You can enjoy with your friends a lot on Whatsapp or any Social Media Platform. Let’s say you wanna sorry to someone and you send 1000 times sorry to him/her for expressing you feeling and also they gonna surprised in addition.

This app is completely integrated with Admob ads. So you also earn money by ads. 

Users can copy text to the clipboard and also proportion the text directly to any app.

Create your own version android app with this android app source code and publish it into the android market. Similar app in Playstore crossed 1 Million + Downloads.

Try Demo APK


  • Easy to Reskining
  • Send text Multiple times as your choice
  • Copy to Clipboard
  • proportion Directly
  • Admob Integrated
  • Documentation Included


  • Latest Android Studio
  • Admob Ads ID


Follow Documentation Step By Step

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