The Correct Procedure For The Building Inspection course of action

The Correct Procedure For The Building Inspection course of action

After you have put an offer on a house and you want to be sure that you are making the right decision. It is more shared now to have a building inspection done than ever. For those of you have never been by this course of action before, I would like to give you some insider tricks, which will come in very handy for when you are looking for your building inspector and what to expect form him.

Firstly it is a good idea to get some recommendations from your friends or family as they might know of someone who they have recently used that has a good reputation. You need to do this because for those of you who don’t know the building inspection industry in Australia is unregulated, which method that anyone can put a hat on and call themselves a building inspector. Yes I agree, this is crazy considering, the Australian Government has gone to great pains to control the building and construction industry, to protect the consumer against unsafe and unscrupulous practices that ends up hitting the consumer in the pocket, which can potentially destroy the lives of average Joe’s like you and me.

Although the inspection industry is not constructing houses, it however reporting on the condition of the construction, which involves great responsibility. So you would think the Australian Government would have at the same time, to protect future home buyers from, old and decaying houses. We’ll thank goodness they are taking steps to change the industry against bad practice. And you do have protection in the civil courts, but unfortunately only after the fact.

So to find yourself a reputable, experienced building inspector who can communicate clearly his findings, the best place to start is by information of mouth.

Make sure when you have found a appropriate candidate, you ask him what he is going to be stipulating in his report.

You could typically expect a turn around time of 24 hours and most likely expect a phone call after the report has been done to let give you a general overview of how the character looks. If there is anything serious the inspector will let you know and most likely suggest you get a specialist in for an assessment.

Make sure you have clear and open lines of communication and tell him what your knowledge level is regarding the terminology and understanding of character in general. The reason why you need to do this is because some inspectors take for granted the fact, they have spent most of their lives in the construction game and may skip over things, he would think as being as shared knowledge for most people.

Some inspectors will give you price estimates for repair costs and some won’t. It’s always handy to have an idea of what his findings might cost to repair, so you can either factor the cost into the negotiations or have the seller fix the work as part of the contract. Or if you are going to Auction with little time to organise your builder to give estimates for the work.

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