The Network Marketing Success Habits That You Must Have to Skyrocket Y…

Habit #1: You Must Make Becoming Successful At Network Marketing A MUST.

The starting point of all achievement is a BURNING DESIRE. Your burning desire will serve as the catalyst for all the actions you must take to be successful.

Not just a normal desire, and certainly not a ineffective one, but a BURNING DESIRE.

Never say to yourself, “I want to be successful at network marketing,” or “I should be successful at network marketing.” Say to yourself “I MUST be successful at network marketing!” Using the words “want” or “should” only serve to douse the flame of your desire; the weaker your desire, the less chance you have for success.

Don’t make becoming a success in your business a possibility; make it a necessity! You MUST DO EVERYTHING IN YOU strength to make this a reality!

Here is an illustration to make my point: When you wake up and you realize that you are running late for work, you don’t make getting out of bed a possibility, you make it a necessity! You MUST get out of bed or you will be docked a day’s pay or worse, you may get fired! Apply this same emotional intensity to your network marketing business.

You joined a network marketing company because you have dreams you want to fulfill. ALWAYS keep these dreams and goals in mind. By keeping the fire of desire lit, you will regularly be motivated to keep taking the actions needed for your success.

continue that BURNING DESIRE!!

Habit #2: You Must Guard Yourself Against Any Negative Feelings Towards Network Marketing.

This may be the number one reason why most people never make life changing income in their business. thorough down inside, or maybe on the surface, they have one or more negative beliefs about network marketing in general, or negative feelings toward the strategies used to find prospects. Let me give you some examples:

“I don’t want to bother my friends and family.”

“I couldn’t possibly approach a stranger and ask her ‘Do you keep your income options open?’ ”

“I have no sales skills; I will never sell any of these products”

“What if no one wants my products? I’ll be stuck with a garage complete of junk!”

“My friends will view me differently when they find out I’m in Network Marketing!”

You get the idea? Many people regularly think about what could go WRONG in their business instead of what could go RIGHT. They focus on every possible negative outcome that in reality hasn’t already happened! A highly successful network marketing representative doesn’t do this.

Now, it’s okay to think about possible problems, but you must concentrate on the solutions. If you have any negative ideas, beliefs or feelings, you will ultimately sabotage your progress. No Negative Feelings of Beliefs!

Habit #3: You Must Consistently Take Action; Don’t Be Lazy! 

This is clearly self-explanatory. Every day you must take some steps to achieving your network marketing goals. You can’t look for prospects once every other week and expect to be successful. You must consistently do the actions necessary to take you closer and closer to your dreams. If you dedicate at the minimum ten hours per week toward your network marketing business, you will be successful. The more time you dedicate the better.

Network Marketing gives us the opportunity to work diligently for one to three years, retire and then live the rest of our lives in abundance and luxury from the residual income.

Recruiting new reps and building your customer base in the name of the game in this industry. So work hard during those first associate of years; when you reach the point when you’re making more money in one month than most people make all year at their jobs, then you can become lazy!

Habit #4: Don’t Let Your Mistakes Stop You From Going Forward!

When you begin, you will make some mistakes. You must remember that mistakes are natural and that you must learn from them and move on. Don’t get depressed and start doubting yourself.

When you make a mistake, ask yourself “What can I learn from this?” A question such as this will put you in a proper state of mind that will help you grow. The answer to this question helps you become better and will show you what NOT to do the next time you’re in a similar situation. Winners never quit; and Quitters Never Win! Take each mistake in stride and keep moving forward. ultimately, you’ll run out of mistakes to make!

Habit #5: You Must Continuously Learn New Skills. 

Network Marketing attracts people with no prior business skills. A person can start her own business with a small investment and immediately have a structure that can potentially generate some serious cash.

However, this is the reason why most Network marketers fail; they have little or no skills! In order to become one of the top income earners in your opportunity, you must learn sales and marketing. You should also brush up on your conversation and leadership skills.

The only difference between you and the “super-star, 30g’s a month big-shot from out of town” that teaches and motivates all the distributors in your organization during the big meetings is that he simply has more knowledge than you. Once you become complete of knowledge and experience, you will be the big shot!

You should always expand your library with self-development books, CDs and DVDs. Make it a habit of buying material that will help you learn sales, marketing and persuasion. As you learn more skills, you become more valuable to others around you because you will always have words of wisdom to proportion.

And as they say, “The more you learn, the more you earn!”

Habit #6: You Must Follow the Systems Your Company Provides 

Many network marketing companies have procedures, also called “systems”, in place. Following these systems usually guarantees your success. If the top leaders suggest that you use these systems to build your business, then use them.

Does your opportunity have a Conference Call System? Use it. Does it have a Weekly Meeting System? Use it. Are 3-way calls required? Make them. Is there additional training obtainable? Take advantage. Are there Big Events throughout the year? Attend them.

These systems are used in most network marketing companies for a reason; they work! Three-ways provide 3rd-party validation to new recruits; conference calls provide regular training to and success stories from distributors; weekly meetings relight the fire in recruits who may have hit a slow streak; big events are like family reunions where you meet new people, get more intensive training a proportion in hundreds of hugs and kisses! (I love big events!)

Habit #7: You Must Use allurement Marketing to Generate Nonstop Leads for Your Business. 

When I mention “follow the systems” in Habit #6, I’m talking about those systems that your company contributes for people who are ALREADY IN THE BUSINESS. However, many companies are teaching prospecting “systems” that include the 3-foot rule, “follow-the-dollar”, warm-market names lists and other old-school techniques that are supposed to help you get NEW PEOPLE in the business.

In the Internet era, these outmoded techniques barely work and only rule to frustration. This is one of the reasons why 97% of Network marketers fail. However, those of us who use the internet and are up to the modern times have embraced a new paradigm called allurement Marketing.

allurement Marketers use the Internet combined with modern technology to create a system that generate leads for our businesses. Network marketers who are nevertheless using the old-school techniques that worked well in the ’80s and ’90s, but are extremely ineffective today are being slaughtered by those of us who have alternation this new way of doing business.

An allurement Marketing system can help you build a thriving network marketing business WITHOUT producing a “warm-market names list”, WITHOUT bugging your friends and family and WITHOUT pestering complete strangers about your business.

It’s now possible and quite easy to use the Internet and modern technology to have dozens of excited and eager prospects truly CALLING YOU to ask about your opportunity… and you’ll nevertheless MAKE MONEY already If they decide NOT to join your business!


So there you have it. Seven Habits that will guarantee your success!! As you can see, most of these habits deal with your thoughts. The ONLY thing you have 100% control over is your thoughts.

Having the correct mental attitude is absolute basic to your success; these seven habits will help you in your quest for financial independence. If you only adapt a few of these habits, you will realize a substantial increase in income; however, if you use all of them, your network marketing business will explode!

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